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5 Ways to Push Yourself to Peak Performance.

Peak Performance at WorldVentures
Am I prepared to put the time and effort into becoming better?
As a WorldVentures Independent Representative, you’ve made the choice to Make a living … Living™! No matter what stage your business is in, you can get better when you actively begin challenging yourself. Ask yourself: “Am I prepared to put the time and effort into becoming better?” It’s not enough to want it. You must be willing to work for it.  

Set out to become an expert
WorldVentures provides you with everything you need to be a successful Rep, so stay informed about new regional, national and international training opportunities, and know your product inside and out. Also, learn from your peers—find a mentor, follow his lead and ask questions.

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses
What can you do better than anyone else? Capitalize on your strengths and find a way to make it work for you. What is something you struggle with? Don’t shrug off that weakness, but view it as a gateway to understanding yourself and then turn it into a skill. Do you find yourself having difficulty speaking in front of a group? Practice with your family, friends and teammates!

Eliminate negative influences in your life
Start cultivating and maintaining a positive attitude. This is integral to performing your best and it even makes the challenges fun! Stay optimistic and believe you have the skills to get better and better.

Start doing!
Even those who are naturals at something practice their craft consistently. They practice at the peak of their abilities, over and over again, making mistakes, failing, figuring out what those mistakes are, and trying again.

Track your progress.
Reflect often and gain perspective. The beauty of each component laid out here is not simply that you’ll reach your goals, but that you’ll improve yourself and, ultimately, your life.