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Go Team (Culture)!

Tips For Building Team Culture and Building A Team.
Expectations, practices and accepted norms under which your team operates is your team culture.

Tips For Building Team Culture and Building A Team.

 “Do we have a team culture?” “Why do we need a team culture?” “What is team culture?”

Any of these questions sound familiar? Whether you’re starting with a team of 2 or leading 20,000, outlining your team’s culture and putting it into practice has long-term benefits for not just you and them, but also those who are ready to join in and see what all of the excitement surrounding WorldVentures is about!

The term “team culture” may seem like an abstract concept, but it’s simple. Expectations, practices and accepted norms under which your team operates is your team culture. That said, as WorldVentures Reps, your team culture should ideally reflect the culture of the company. And with our guiding policy of incorporating fun, freedom and fulfillment into everyday life, outlining your individual team culture should be an enjoyable experience.

Within the corporate office, our aptly named “Culture Committee” works hard (and has a ridiculous amount of fun) planning activities for our staff. And as the leader of your team, congrats—you’re the head of your culture committee! It’s important to consider what type of culture your team members need to thrive and what attracts new members to your team. Remember—an established team culture pays off for everyone involved. When the atmosphere is charged with positive energy, open communication is encouraged and trust is expected, how can you go wrong?

So... how can you put all of this into practice and create a team culture? Here are a few ideas:

Lead by Example

Your team follows your lead, so make sure you set a great example! It should be the norm for them to “plug in” and attend trainings, know all there is to know about WorldVentures’ products. This will only happen as you show them it’s the way for them to succeed.

 Recognize Your Stars

Make it a point to celebrate the victories your team achieves. A personal congratulatory phone call, a bouquet of flowers, a gift card to a favorite store—the smallest tokens of appreciation for their hard work cultivates a culture of gratitude, which goes a long way to making your team the one everybody wants to be on!                 

Show Off Your Spirit

Whenever Reps gather at our training events and conferences, it’s easy to spot (and hear!) certain teams. With customized t-shirts, rhinestone-adorned tanks and chants and calls that echo across even the widest convention floors, showcasing team spirit is a highly visible way to show off your team’s culture to everyone.

These are a few of our ideas. Now, share with us how you promote a positive team culture!