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Hack into Experience. What Happens When You Embrace Life.

Embracing Life by Hacking into Experience

Is your success being hobbled by a victim mentality? Are you waiting and wishing that problems in your life would just disappear?

What if all the tools you need to "hack" your life and make it a killer success are sitting right in your lap?

Perhaps you should try the "Castaway" approach.

In the 2000 movie "Castaway" Tom Hank's character Chuck Noland is a FedEx employee stranded on a tiny island in the South Pacific. He was riding jump-seat on a FedEx plane when the plane hit bad weather and crashed.

Chuck washes up on the island with a collection of FedEx parcels. At first he organizes the packages and stacks them, clearly with the intent to deliver them upon his "imminent" rescue. At this point, Chuck clearly feels like the victim of a disaster.

Eventually, Chuck rips open the packages in a search for tools or materials to help with his survival. He finds a range of items, including ice-skates, VHS tapes, a volleyball and a dress.

Ice-skates on a tropical island? A knife would have been more useful. Video tape? A coil of rope would have been infinitely better.

But that's the exact opposite of Chuck's mindset. Almost immediately he sees the utility in every item - using the ice-skates to cut and chop, the video tape he braids into rope. This is when he changes from victim to "survival hacker."

It is this hacker mentality (spoiler alert!), using unrelated experience, objects, and ideas to transform perplexing obstacles into opportunities that enables Chuck to escape the island and sail back to civilization.

Reflect on your life for a moment. Have you ever waited for someone or something to rescue you from trouble, when you could have hacked the situation and turned it in your favor?

It's not too late. Take some time to meditate on challenges you've faced or experiences you've had and look for the ice-skates and video-tape, i.e. lessons that you can re-purpose to build success in other areas of your life. You'll be surprised how many great insights come disguised in unexpected packages.