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Sharing Is Caring. Why Being a Good Friend Matters.

Be a good friend | WorldVentures

You’d do anything for a good friend, right? And when your friend is doing something that’s truly good and positive, you really want to help that person out; it shows that you care about their cause and about who they are. And you’d probably expect the same thing in return. In the case of the WorldVentures opportunity, making friends can help you spread the word and make network marketing a whole lot more enjoyable and way less intimidating. That’s because friends can help introduce you to new people. And really, your friend’s helping both parties involved. That is, he or she is helping you build your customer base, and helping other friends take amazing vacations around the world.

But this can also be a touchy area. That is, it works as long as you aren’t obnoxious or forceful with your sales approach. Don’t put your friends in an awkward position and don’t misrepresent the product. Ultimately, people want to make their own buying decision and not feel as if they’ve been cornered into a sale. Tapping into your friend’s network of friends and acquaintances has to be done tactfully and with care. If you want someone to share their friends with you, you need to be respectful in return. In other words, be a good friend without crossing the line. Be a good listener, too: that’s key to making new friends in the first place. Be compassionate with their situation, and if WorldVentures is a good fit for them, let them know. If it’s not, well then at least you’ve made another new friend.