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You’re a New Rep. What’s Next?

Next Steps for New Reps at WorldVentures
Follow the system laid down by your team and go to training events...

Building a business, no matter the industry, is not for the faint of heart. It takes grit to abandon the familiar grind and grow again from the ground up. Now that you’ve taken the leap, and joined WorldVentures, what’s next? You’ve probably heard it so much that it sounds cliché, but staying around the campfire is key. Partnering with others and plugging into the trainings can mean the difference between mediocrity and meteoric success.  

1. Find a mentor.

“As soon as I joined, I understood that I was not a professional at network marketing and I had to find someone who was,” explained Anthony Garman, a Senior Representative and college student with more than 80 people in his WorldVentures organization. “As soon as I found my mentor, I became coachable and did everything I was told and asked as many questions as possible.”

2. Attend the trainings.

International Marketing Director Max Tay’s advice to company newcomers is unfettered: “Follow the system laid down by your team and go to training events. Successful uplines and trainers already know what you will face in this business. My mentor always says, ‘The shortest path between two destinations is a straight line. So just follow that line.’ Why bother to try to reinvent the wheel?”

3. Develop a system.

Many new Representatives adhere to a direct sales principle called The Success Cycle―a 5-step process of building, training and maintaining teams. Before the cycle begins, they do the foundational work of building a list of prospects, i.e., friends, relatives, acquaintances, and colleagues, who comprise their “warm market.” After sifting, sorting and vetting prospects, they begin the cycle of: 1) inviting prospects to learn more; 2) presenting the WorldVentures opportunity; 3) following up to gage interest; 4) enrolling prospects; and 5) training new Representatives. 

“When we get someone enrolled, we meet with them as quickly as we can―within the first 48 hours,” says IMD Janie Braun. “We train all the new people to do the same thing.” 

Janie and husband, Raymond, also offer this advice to new Reps: “Be coachable and trainable; commit to consistency; plug into as much training as possible; and always, always keep it fun!”