Our Core Values

At the very foundation of our business, of everything we do, are 10 Core Values. They guide us as we make decisions. They foster trust between team members. They remind us of the kind of company we’re striving to be.

Working with Us Has Its Perks

At WorldVentures, we care about the whole employee—their health, well-being and happiness. That’s why we’ve
put together benefits packages that address our employees’ needs, in sickness and in health.

The Essentials

Our team members are offered access to comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as health care reimbursement and flexible spending.

The Extras

Among the perks of working for a company that loves to play as hard as we work is 15 days of paid time off, 10 holidays in addition to your birthday, 24/7 Concierge Service, and a credit union—to name just a few.

The Rewards

Anyone can offer their employees insurance, but only we can give our team members DreamTrips Memberships. Plus, every Employee of the Month is given the DreamTrip of their choice!

Not just Any Office...

Anyone can set up cubicles, hire a few employees and call it an office, but it takes a sense of humor, genuinely caring about each other, valuing each person’s voice, and a warm set of welcoming arms to make an office come alive—and a company’s culture take flight. WorldVentures Holdings has all of the above.

We grow together, professionally and personally. We challenge each other to do more, to achieve more. We celebrate life’s milestones. We laugh with one another. We work as a team. We volunteer. We pat each other on the back. We travel.

Our company’s culture goes beyond decorations and free food. We’re a company built on the belief that work should be just as rewarding as it is enriching, and that there’s no greater reward than helping someone succeed.

Straight from Employees' Mouths

When you love what you do, you want to share it with the world. Meet a few of our team members who are doing just that.

Michelle H., Associate Producer comments on WorldVentures.

“Over the past seven years I've been given opportunities to showcase my talents and develop my skills, while watching WorldVentures realize Wayne and Mike’s vision.”

Michele H.
Associate Producer

Greg G., Rovia Corporate Services Team Lead.

“The reason why I enjoy coming to work every day is simple, really: This company has proven to me that it values and appreciates its employees.”

Greg G.
Rovia Corporate Services Team Lead

Blanca B., Client Services Representative Team Lead.

“Since I joined WorldVentures last year, I have travelled to more places than I could have ever dreamed of...”

Blanca B.
Client Services Representative Team Lead

Jimmy B., Vice President of Logistics and Global Events.

“Among the many perks of my job are that no 2 days are alike and I get to work with Reps excited about our company.”

Jimmy B.
Vice President of Logistics and Global Events