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Top-Notch Training
Momentum 2013 on Twitter
DreamTrips Reward Program
A True Champion
Words from Mike Azcue
Words from Wayne Nugent
Achievement Recognized
Manifest Foundation
Giants, Tigers, Colts and Da Bears!
Momentum Recap
Top-Notch Training by the Best in the Industry
mark trainingDuring Momentum, the training was in-depth, delivered with an engaging and inspirational flair that kept the crowd pumped and hanging on every word. Training started on Day One and covered aspects of business and personal growth. Momentum kicked off with back-to-the-basics product training on Friday and continued over the weekend, with the best ways to host travel parties, discovering what brings peace of mind, the do’s and don’ts of direct selling and much, much more.

More than 7,000 reps descended on the Music City as Head Trainer Marc Accetta and his elite team took the field! The trainers hit the mark and rookie national trainers Ed Blunt and Scott Ross showcased their MVP status.
Momentum 2013 Trends on Twitter
manifest ldrship change

Do you know what it takes to trend on Twitter? We do—and we did! More than 300,000 tweets with the hashtag #wvmomentum were sent within one hour, officially making Momentum 2013 one of the most tweeted-about subjects on Twitter, two days in a row! Check out the video of Momentum attendees showing their appreciation via Twitter.
DreamTrips Reward Program Launch Gets the Crowd on
Their Feet
crownd on feetThe anticipation had been building for weeks and the announcement did not disappoint! When details of the DreamTrips™ Reward Program were presented, the venue was electric! So what caused all the excitement? Through April 30, new DreamTrips Members in the United States not only receive up to 200 DreamTrips Points upon enrollment, but every dollar spent on membership fees in 2013 will be rewarded back as DreamTrips Points redeemable toward the cost of Reward DreamTrips.* These DreamTrips Points can be used toward the Reward DreamTrip of their choice.

For more details on this limited-time promotion, read the details on how the program works, familiarize yourself with the Terms & Conditions and check out the FAQs for a full rundown of the DreamTrips Reward Program. Also, watch here as Eddie Head, President of WorldVentures, North America, explains the new program.

*Based on choice of membership. Maximum monthly DreamTrips Points earned is 55. Maximum 200 DreamTrips Points per new enrollment. For full Terms & Conditions of the DreamTrips Reward Program, see www.dreamtrips.com/rewards/terms. Open to U.S. residents only at this time.
A Pep Talk from a True Champion
Nancy LiebermanMomentum attendees received a message of togetherness and learned what it means to be a part of the WorldVentures team from Basketball Hall of Famer, Olympian, coach and overall basketball phenom, Nancy Lieberman.

Communication, consistency and concentration are the keys to strong team-building, and having a long-term game plan is a part of any successful team strategy. This weekend, Nancy’s message really drove this point home.
‘Our Truth Is Enough’ Words from Mike Azcue
Mike keynoteTaking the stage and speaking from the heart, CEO and Co-Founder Mike Azcue addressed the Momentum crowd, and his words will resonate with everyone who is part of the WorldVentures family.

The message? Simple: “Our truth is enough.” In an industry where over-promising and under-delivering can be the norm, WorldVentures is positioning itself to become the most recognized and trustworthy direct-selling company in the world—by being authentic and transparent.

“The trust issue is what holds the industry back from its power,” Mike said. “Nothing is as hot, cool or exciting as WorldVentures. It’s lights out when we become the most trusted brand in direct sales!”

WorldVentures is fueled by the belief our Reps and customers have in us, and in an effort to have direct dialogue and provide open and honest feedback, Mike will moderate a blog where you can ask the tough questions, and he will be there to answer. Look for an announcement soon and be ready to participate!
Healthy Habits to Fuel Your Momentum: Words from
Wayne Nugent
Wayne keynoteThough he was in slight danger of being upstaged by his adorable daughter Savannah, whose smile was infectious, all eyes were on CVO and Co-Founder Wayne when he took center stage at Momentum.

Wayne touched on what we all know to be true— WorldVentures has one of the best products in the direct-selling industry and growth has been phenomenal. The next questions are obvious: How do we stay here? How do we stay motivated? How do we maintain momentum? Good habits are the answer.
Reps and Corporate Staff Achievement Recognized
staff recognizedThe WorldVentures family is full of passionate, driven and focused leaders, and during Momentum, several rising stars were given the opportunity to shine and be an inspiration to others. We want to send a hearty congratulations to those who are now Senior Reps and Marketing Directors! And for those who were recognized as Regional Marketing Directors, not only are they ascending through the ranks (a source of pride in itself), but they also qualify for the RMD DreamTrip!

This time, we’re letting you help decide their destination, choosing from luxurious locales such as Monte Carlo, Amsterdam and a luxury yacht cruise departing from Istanbul. We’ll have information on how to cast your vote soon. You have until April 30, 2013, to qualify, and what better training than what we received this weekend to get you there!

During Momentum, several remarkable, high-achievers had the opportunity to take the stage and be recognized for their high levels of success in their businesses:

staff recognized International Marketing Directors
Tom & Jill Goris – October 2012

National Marketing Director
Julio Acosta – January 2013

$100k Ring Earners
Jodie & Shane King – December 2012

Promotions for some of our corporate staff members were also announced and celebrated during Momentum. Be sure to congratulate and say hello to these folks as you see them at events or on your next trip!

Dan Stammen
Board Member and Field Liaison, Special Projects

Eddie Head
President, WorldVentures North America

Jon McKillip
President, WorldVentures International

Myron A. Wick
Executive Chairman of the Board

Virginia Walker
Board Member and Chief Administrative Officer

Lauri Crawford
Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Flory
Chief Executive Officer, Rovia

Angel Rodriguez
Chief People Officer
Manifest Foundation Welcomes New Leadership, Celebrates a Successful DreamNight and Showcases DreamTrips Longboards
manifest ldrship change Momentum was kicked off with a focused purpose as the Manifest Foundation not only hosted DreamNight, but also welcomed new Executive Director Gwyneth Lloyd. Gwyneth joins the Manifest Foundation from Girl Scouts, and we are proud to have someone with her experience and dedication onboard.

DreamNight in Nashville was truly one of the best ways to start the weekend—by partying with a purpose. The WildHorse Saloon was a sea of cowgirls and cowboys who danced well into the night, raising more than $20,000 toward building a DreamCourt in Nashville during the DreamNight ThrowDown HoeDown!

And that’s not all! We showed off our partnership with Stalk It, one of the proud sponsors of the country’s most exciting longboarders, Alex Tongue. WorldVentures has designed four longboards with eye-catching images of beachscapes, majestic waves and crisp mountain snow tops. With every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Manifest Foundation! Check out these limited-edition boards here and get ready to have the coolest wheels around!
Giants, Tigers, Colts and Da Bears!
jersey night “Who you rootin’ for?” was evident during the Saturday night party in Nashville, as Reps donned jerseys, shirts and an array of face paint to show off their favorite teams because no event would be complete without a full-scale celebration. Moving to the sounds of DJ Monico, the auditorium was packed wall-to-wall and the crowd stayed moving, even when the lights came on!

The vibe was set earlier in the day during a scheduled break when the crowd heard the opening beats of one of the catchiest songs in the country right now and the floor and stands came alive as everyone joined in to do the Wobble dance! If you missed out, don’t worry—WorldVentures knows how to party wherever we go, so make sure you are there!

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