Success Stories

Posted on Jan-26-2016
Kari and Lisha embody the creative opportunities that WorldVentures can offer while mastering the art of living.
Posted on Apr-30-2015
When Travis and Brittany Just joined WorldVentures in 2012, they knew their dreams were finally becoming a reality. They embraced the core values and aligned with the vision of WorldVentures Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent.
Posted on Apr-30-2015
Vision may originate from the commonplace, but it is anything but common. Vision can alter belief and fundamentally enhance the way people live.
Posted on Apr-30-2015
When Toledo, Ohio native and Regional Marketing Director Shelley Blanzy was two years old, her father passed away. Her mom was left as a single parent of seven children.
Posted on Apr-29-2015
Jay Payso wanted to impact those he cared for most, his family. Once he became a WorldVentures Representative, he learned business rules, which have helped him achieve his dreams.
Posted on Apr-29-2015
Leaving little distinction between work & play, or Mastering the Art of Living, has been the deciding factor in Scott & Sheila Ross's lives.
Posted on Apr-8-2015
Master in the Art of Living with Dave and Yvette Ulloa
Posted on Mar-10-2015
Master in the Art of Living - Eric Allen