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October 16, 2013

August was the biggest selling month in the history of WorldVentures! To all the WV family and leadership, I am grateful for your hard work and dedication.

I am proud to announce that the just-ended August was the biggest selling month in the history of WorldVentures™! To all the WV family and leadership, I am grateful for your hard work and dedication. This record performance is a reflection of our great product offering, talented sales teams - and I believe something else: our unique culture.

When Wayne Nugent and I started WorldVentures six years ago, we set out purposely to build a different kind of direct selling company. We had each been in the industry for some time, and we knew there was plenty to love but also much to dislike about the business - so we wanted to build something different, perhaps even a new generation of direct selling company. We decided up front to reject many of the negative behaviors of traditional network or multi-level marketing companies - the high pressure sales and exploitative practices, unhealthy competition among teams, the cross line recruiting that runs rampant within many companies; we keep product prices as low as possible and offer a product that makes "front loading" impossible. Instead, we are actively working for something a lot more honest and healthy. Have we always succeeded in our aspirations? No, we made our share of mistakes and missteps, but we have learned and grown from them. I believe we are a company that gets better every day.

From the start, we have built WorldVentures on a foundation of three key principles - truth, transparency and trust - and a strong set of core values. These are the guiding lights of our company, and even when we fall short, these are the standards by which we measure ourselves and always strive to improve.

Our first guiding principle is truth. Too often, Direct Selling businesses try to get away with what I term the Big Lies - that getting rich is easy and effortless, that our business requires no selling, or that our products practically sell themselves. The truth is success takes focused work and dedication to succeed in any field of endeavor. Yes, I have seen many people earn a lot of money in the past six years, but all of it has come to be through a lot of work, perseverance and commitment. That said, I do believe most of us have more modest aspirations when we start out in direct selling at WorldVentures - we want to make a good living, or supplement our income - or simply earn our way to travel. In fact, at WorldVentures we want to replace the idea of "getting rich" with the concept of "living rich" which we call fun, freedom and fulfillment. It means achieving an honest work-life balance, building a business with integrity and finding satisfaction in a job well done - in representing a great product that can literally transform people's lives. It's simply a better way to live.

 I believe being truthful is hardwired to our company culture - in our management ranks and throughout the company we emphasize frankness and candor in all we do. And when we screw up, we fess up. We all fall short at times; the important thing is to admit it, learn from it and get better. If you ever feel we have been less than truthful - about the opportunity, the work involved, or the product we sell, I want to encourage you to call us on it. We can't get better without you.

 Our second guiding principle is transparency. Too often, the inner workings of direct selling and multi-level marketing are a mystery to people. We don't want that at WorldVentures. That's why we have invested heavily in backend technology and software that promotes and ensures business transparency and integrity. It is why we pack so much information on our websites and in our meetings. It is why we work to answer all questions in a timely fashion; management works real hard to respond to all representatives' emails as soon as possible. I see WorldVentures as a community committed to mutual benefit. As company leaders we make decisions to benefit the entire community. If for any reason you question a business decision or want clarity on our practices, please do not hesitate to ask. Nothing breeds negativity like secrecy and we don't want that at WorldVentures.

 Our third guiding principle is trust. Simply put, we want WorldVentures to be the most-trusted name in direct selling. A big, audacious goal perhaps, but we believe it is within our reach. A major pillar in our Core Values, trust to me is the sum of all we do - our willingness to be upfront with the truth; our open and mystery-free structure and culture; our commitment to learn from our mistakes and improve every day. Most of all, you can trust us to care deeply about our company, our good word, our promises to keep.

At its heart, WorldVentures is about turning a passion for travel into the opportunity for a better life.

 Whether called, direct selling, network marketing or multi-level marketing, this industry is often misunderstood and maligned. But the truth is, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to start your own business and build a scalable sales force on a shoestring. Direct selling is one of the only ways everyday people with little startup capital can open a business and grow a grassroots sales force without taking big risks. Do you have to invest time, effort and resources in yourself and your growing business success? Absolutely. All smart businesses do. Are you guaranteed to succeed? Absolutely not. Can you make a lot of money? Yes, but more importantly, I believe you can achieve personal success--success in your own way and on your own terms. And you can change your life and the lives of others through a product that allows everyone to see the world in a new way - through the lens of new places, cultures and adventures. When you think about it, that's a pretty good way to make a life while making a living.

 In the coming weeks, I plan to amplify all our core values in follow-on communications and continue to emphasize our aspiration to be the most-trusted name in direct selling. In the meantime, I deeply value your thoughts and feedback on these ideas.