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Bringing Out the Best in Others

March 27, 2015

Bringing out the best in others can help you and your team achieve your goals of fun, freedom, and fulfillment at WorldVentures.

Bringing out the best in others is both an art and a process. Studies have shown that motivation predicts success better than any of the usual standards such as education or background. Energize yourself and your WorldVentures™ team by encouraging an exchange of ideas and you’ll see a change in attitude and results. Here are some guidelines to assist you in bringing out the best in your circle:

Be Specific:

As a leader, identify the talents in others that can be amplified, and keep them focused on using and improving these strengths. Stating your expectations with enthusiasm and encouraging the development of talent in your team will make work more exciting and keep everyone actively engaged.


Be Present:

Make yourself available to others. Show that you believe in your team’s aptitude and let them know you want them to succeed. No one is perfect and people need someone to talk to when they’re having a bad time or even when they’re working at their best. By being generous with your time, asking questions and actively listening, you’re not only inspiring and motivating others, you’re setting the stage for an open, honest dialogue with your colleagues that boosts morale and trust. Share your own success and failures as well.


Don’t Be Negative:

Someone else’s brilliance and capabilities can look very different from your own. One size does not fit all. Get to know how your team ticks. Focus on their strengths and don’t zero-in on their weaknesses. Being negative can demotivate and make someone feel unappreciated. Your tone, approach and delivery are huge factors to consider. If there are performance issues to address, do so in an uplifting manner to encourage and direct improvement.


Provide Feedback:

With regular feedback, you can rally initiative, focus on what’s going right and determine if more time is needed for guidance and problem solving. WorldVentures provides a variety of tools to enhance personal and business growth. Discuss these opportunities and remember that people reach their full potential by being encouraged along the way. Also, don’t wait to offer praise when someone has done a great job. Tell them exactly what they did right to boost confidence and momentum.


Be Flexible:

People who are able to take responsibility for their work and life are more committed, confident, satisfied and willing to go the extra mile because they feel respected. The more you let your team know that WorldVentures integrates peak life experiences with an unbelievable opportunity, while valuing their daily contributions and responsibilities, the more they will respect you and will deliver their best.