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DreamTrips Head to Disney Theme Parks

October 29, 2013

DreamTrips Members can see Mickey and all of his lovable friends up close and in person with new Disney DreamTrips, including tickets to Disney theme parks.

As the official mascot of the Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse has entertained, educated and enthralled the young and young-at-heart since he first came to life in a 1928 sketch. Now, DreamTrips™ Members can see Mickey and all of his lovable friends up close and in person with new Disney™ DreamTrips.

Oh, did we mention the new trips include tickets to Disney theme parks?

These DreamTrips, like every other carefully crafted experience we offer, will represent so much to so many. For some, these will be the trips they use to reconnect with family and create lifetime memories. For others, it could be the opportunity to whisk someone away for the weekend, perhaps for the perfect proposal in the shadow of Cinderella’s storied castle. And for any adult whose Disney visits were a childhood dream deferred, they have a new opportunity to indulge their inner-child who just wants to finally ride in a gigantic teacup.

This weekend at A View from the Edge, our Reps got a glimpse into the future of DreamTrips. We’ve heeded the call for more family-oriented escapes. Want sports? We got ‘em! Arm-chair quarterbacks everywhere will have the chance to roar along with thousands of their closest friends during our DreamTrip to the 2014 Super Bowl. For those who love big hats and a cool mint julep, our newest DreamTrip to the ever-stylish Kentucky Derby is ready for booking as well.

Aside from being awesome experiences, for us, these trips represent our continued mission to create DreamTrips with our members’ wishes and desires in mind. When they book any of these DreamTrips, their adventures have basically been planned out for them. We give them more time to plan what they’ll actually do on vacation and not have to worry over the small details.

So get ready to experience all the wonderment that comes with embarking on vacation, with all the convenience of booking a DreamTrip.  We know many of you have taken some incredible DreamTrips. Share your memories with us of the best DreamTrip you’ve taken so far.