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Follow the Leader

October 8, 2014

Learn the tricks of the trade for direct selling to be a more successful business person at WorldVentures.

Follow the Leader
Why you should learn the tricks of the trade from those who’ve blazed the trail

There’s an old truism that has found its way onto bumper stickers, T-shirts and anything else you can slap a slogan onto; it reads: “If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.” In theory, that sentence sounds about right. Always be out front, always take charge, always make your own path; that’s the true road to happiness, fulfillment and success.

But how can you lead if you don’t know where you’re going? When starting out on a direct-selling opportunity like becoming a WorldVentures Representative, isn’t it wiser to pay attention and track the folks who’ve done this before, to great success, to ensure you can reach those heights as well?

It absolutely is. That’s why so many top sellers are so quick to point to those who’ve inspired them, like WorldVentures’ International Director of Training Marc Accetta, and International Marketing Directors Byron Schrag, James Lee, Lorenzo Roybal and Johnny Wimbrey. When the path has already been traversed, it only makes sense to find yourself following the same road, to learn why the trailblazers were so successful.

Only those who have come before can explain why this method of recruitment works better than that one; why it’s so important to make that 50th call after the first 49 haven’t led anywhere; why the power of positivity is so effective, and will help you so much more than simply being negative about your chances for success.

Learning the tricks of the trade, or better yet, learning the trade, is vital for so many reasons, but maybe the biggest is it allows you to avoid mistakes that others have made, that have stifled and hurt their business. Only through the missteps of others can you learn which pitfalls to avoid. Chances are, everything you think has never been done before, has, and the smart businessperson is wise enough to see exactly why some footsteps are worth following all the way to the end.

The view might not change from behind the leader, but it certainly looks nice when you’ve reached the top of the ladder without falling.