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Fostering Trust and Open Communication with Your Team

September 25, 2015

Open communication fosters trust by sharing, asking great questions, validation and serving at WorldVentures.

Trust and open communication are essential traits for any WorldVentures Representative to lead their team to success. So, how do you get people to trust and follow you?

1.    Share.

People follow an inspiring story. Share your story with your team, open up to them about your past, and tell them how WorldVentures has changed your life. This will create a safe place for others to share their story, and build a trusting atmosphere among your team members.

2.    Ask great questions.

Great questions receive great answers. Dig deep into the lives of your team members and go beyond the surface-level questions. You will find that asking great questions will allow you to connect with your team and open the lines of communication.

3.    Validate.

Everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging. When you validate another person, you give them confidence that they are in the right place, doing the right thing. Using phrases such as, “That’s remarkable, I love that. Tell me more …” will reinforce your belief in them, and lead them to believe in themselves and the vision of the company.  

4.    Serve.

Author, John Maxwell, said, “If you’re a leader, don’t just settle the question of IF you’ll serve others. Figure out HOW you will, and then go do it. By being a servant leader, you’ll have the joy of seeing positive outcomes and great growth in your people. It will be worth the effort.” Serving your team will motivate and inspire them to do more than they would without your leadership. Building trust and cultivating communication can go a long way to developing a healthy, thriving WorldVentures team!