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Have (Race) Car, Will Travel

Dan Stammen
October 16, 2013

In case you missed the exciting news, WorldVentures and DreamTrips are two of the proud sponsors of NASCAR driver Robert Richardson, Jr. Read more.

When you think of WorldVentures™ and traveling, what comes to mind? How about fans cheering under the warm Florida sun as cars fly around a racetrack at one of the world’s premier NASCAR events? Doesn’t sound like WorldVentures? Think again!

In case you missed the exciting news, WorldVentures and DreamTrips™ are two of the proud sponsors of NASCAR driver Robert Richardson, Jr. Robert will take to the track on Feb. 23, 2013, at the Drive4COPD 300, the first race of the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series. Robert’s sleek black car, #23, is emblazoned with both the WorldVentures and DreamTrips logos, so there is no way it can be missed as he tears up the track this weekend!

This is a first for the WorldVentures brand and we are thrilled at the exposure this will generate for our company. Daytona International Speedway holds 190,000 people and will be filled to max capacity and more than 150 countries will broadcast the race. NASCAR events account for 17 of the top 20 most attended sporting events in the United States and NASCAR is affiliated with more Fortune 100 companies than any other sports entity. We are in some stellar company here, folks! However, we are even more enthusiastic that this event will encompass the fun, freedom and fulfillment that WorldVentures strives to incorporate in every aspect of our Reps’ lives.

What could be more fun than having some of your closest friends (and their closest friends) gathered around the TV screen, watching one of the world’s largest sporting events? Many of our Reps are hosting watching parties at their homes—mixing a bit of business, but a lot of pleasure—while watching Robert leave the competition behind. Think the Super Bowl, but with much more acceleration! These watch parties will be great mix–and–mingle opportunities for Reps and guests to learn more about WorldVentures as they cheer Robert and car #23. And you can follow along with the action on Twitter by following @worldventures. People around the world will be tagging photos and videos of the race and race parties with the tags: #wvdaytona and #drive4copd300.

One of the best things about WorldVentures is the freedom. The freedom our Reps enjoy when they are able to spend much–needed time with family and friends. The freedom they have to build their own business at their own pace. And even the freedom to travel the world on a whim. And while this weekend’s race will surely introduce many to WorldVentures, remember that we always have a purpose as well. For every NASCAR–inspired shirt, featuring the WorldVentures’ and DreamTrips’ logos, that is sold, a portion of proceeds will be dedicated to funding Manifest Foundation projects. Even once the race has ended and we all see the checkered flag wave, purchasing the shirt not only promotes WorldVentures and DreamTrips, but also helps the Manifest Foundation with their humanitarian initiatives across the globe.

The roar of #23’s engine will soon echo around the track, and the world and WorldVentures are ready for the race! We’re speeding ahead into new ventures and are excited to have so many along for this ride. So get in gear —we’re full–speed ahead!

Dan Stammen