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Master In The Art Of Living

How R&R Became Serious Business

August 14, 2015

Turn Rest & Relaxation into a business model at WorldVentures. Learn how emerging from the corporate structure can lead to time freedom.

How R&R Became Serious Business


In a culture of increasing work hours and fast-paced lifestyles, the demand for rest and relaxation (R&R) comes with high regard. And WorldVentures™ has the supply to meet the demand! In its 10 years of existence, WorldVentures is on pace to wildly outperform expectations and create a lifestyle for thousands in 28 countries to live on their own terms and see the world with friends and family. Now that’s serious business!

Time Freedom

Let’s put this in perspective. A recent Gallup report showed the average time worked by full-time employees has ticked up to 46.7 hours a week, or nearly a full extra 8-hour day. Just 40% of Americans who work full time say they clock the standard 40 hours a week. Another 50% say they work more than that.

Working for someone else can amount to a lot of wasted time. Weekly meetings, lengthy reports, working overtime, and, not to mention, the commute that is often packed with traffic, can really add up. And it’s full speed ahead when you get home:  rushing off to sports practices, helping kids with school projects, getting dinner on the table, and the never ending saga of laundry, yard work, house repairs, car maintenance … the list goes on.

If you think about it, what WorldVentures offers is priceless: time freedom. As a WorldVentures Rep, you create your own schedule that works best for your lifestyle.

Emerging from Corporate Structure

Presidents, vice presidents, CEOS, CFOS, and any other term within the corporate governance is a framework that becoming a WorldVentures Rep has successfully broken. Emerging from the corporate structure and maintaining a thriving home-based or vacation-based business is what makes WorldVentures unique. YOU are your own boss and YOU run your own business!

Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment

WorldVentures Reps specialize in integrating more fun, freedom and fulfillment into their lives. The business of R&R has created a lifestyle full of adventure, leisure and happiness for Reps who have emerged from the 9-to-5 daily grind. They have discovered and experienced joy, are spreading the word and continue to meet the high demand of R&R in a world that craves it.