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How Women Have a Leg Up on the Direct Selling Industry

October 10, 2014

As an independent representative and a woman, experience the successful world of direct selling through the eyes of WorldVentures.

How Women Have a Leg Up on the Direct Selling Industry

Direct selling may be an equal-opportunity industry, but women have taken the ball and they’re sprinting. According to the Direct Selling Association, more than 75 percent of independent distributors in the United States are female. While that gap has narrowed over the last five years (the DSA attributes the increase in male participation to explosion of social media, economic conditions and the growing number of direct sellers in the services and health and wellness sectors, both of which tend to attract men in higher numbers), direct selling remains a viable and attractive option for women throughout the age spectrum. Which is good news for women around the world, and good news for the world’s leading direct seller of vacation club memberships, WorldVentures.

Independent Representatives in a direct-selling business like WorldVentures can adapt to any schedule, and that’s perhaps what’s made the industry so appealing to women. Whether she’s already working full or part time in corporate America, raising children at home (or both), an empty-nester or even a college student looking for some extra money, an independent distributor sets her own hours, and her business accommodates her, not the other way around. Parties and one-on-one consultations remain the hallmark of direct selling, but personal websites, texting and Facebook business pages provide around-the-clock convenience to customers―so, in essence, the store is never really closed, giving women unparalleled flexibility to earn income.

Best of all, when she’s ready to devote more time to her independent business, her growth is solely up to her. Office politics don’t exist. She decides when she’d like to be promoted, and if she’s willing to put in the effort, she reaps the rewards, no questions asked.

Word of mouth means everything; it’s what makes or breaks a company’s sales, and women have mastered the art of this skill. The Keller Fay Group, a market research and consulting firm, has found that women engage in 10 percent more brand conversations a week than men, and women are more likely to make a purchase based on word of mouth.

Although women were “social networking” long before Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or countless other sites were born―in fact, you just might call them the original social network―women are significantly more likely to use those sites than men. What does all of this mean? A woman with a direct-selling business likely has within her reach a large audience of potential customers who, in turn, will gladly share their experiences with other women, whether online or in person.

From the unparalleled flexibility to the open-ended potential, there’s simply no equal to a direct selling business if you’re looking to chart your own course, create your own definition of success and live your dream. And for thousands of women, that time has come.