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Is Social Media the New Belly-to-Belly?

March 29, 2016

Learn how social platforms can help you prospect for new members and/or reps with WorldVentures and the DreamTrips App.

Gone are the days where the direct selling industry was comprised of a fleet of door-to-door salesmen peddling their wares in rolling suitcases. Today, most people are using social media to make business connections. Many belly-to-belly sales approaches are rapidly taking a backseat to the growing ease of marketing through websites such as Facebook, Twitter and, if you’re a part of the WorldVentures™ family, the DreamTrips™ app.

A Changing Landscape 
While you can begin many lasting business relationships through prospect meetings and travel parties, social media makes it easy for you to build those relationships with ease on platforms that barely existed a decade ago.
For example, Facebook is an excellent tool for finding prospects amongst the people you already know and care about.  You already have the relationships in place; all you have to do is build curiosity around your product. On the other hand, Twitter lets you reach out to larger audiences by joining trending conversations and introducing new people to WorldVentures. The DreamTrips app combines the best of popular social media outlets to allow our Reps to interact with each other, their customers and, eventually, even people outside of our community who are curious about what we do.

The Best of Both Worlds
It’s no secret that our world is becoming increasingly technological, and we in the direct selling industry need to follow suit in order to keep up. But when it comes to building a thriving business and the relationships to support it, real world connections are essential. So, a balanced blend of belly-to-belly and social media connections will serve you well. 
If you need help establishing a strong social media presence for your business, check out the WorldVentures Social Media 101 video series on YouTube for tips, tricks and best practices for attracting and engaging an online audience.