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Keep the Glass Half Full: Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

May 23, 2016

Positive influences increase success in your business and life.

Keep the Glass Half Full: Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

You’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat,” but what about, “you are who your friends are”? Your choice of friends has a great impact on you, and it’s important they are positive thinkers so that you can easily approach life with a glass-half-full mentality.

Fortunately, WorldVentures™ will give you the opportunity to meet lifelong friends and bond through invaluable personal development. They will support and encourage you on your journey here, making the road to success a little less bumpy. Your core relationships are the ones you call first when you want to share something exciting or devastating, when you are happy or when you are hurt. Sometimes, they tend to be more like family than friends.

This core group should serve three purposes:

1. They keep you motivated. They encourage you to do your best, and they celebrate your successes. When you need a push to get to the finish line, your core friends know exactly what to say to get you there.

2. They shape your worldview, which is comprised of the beliefs your life is built on. It determines how you look at everything and how you approach people, ideas and challenges. You may not realize it, but your friends influence this view. Ensure it’s being influenced positively.  

3. They keep you accountable. A good accountability partner is someone you feel comfortable around and trust to hold you accountable and give you constructive criticism to further your success.

Start thinking of your friends the same way you think about what you eat and how you’re exercising. Positive relationships improve your health and well-being, and in turn, will impact the way you do business with WorldVentures! You might need to make a few adjustments to start surrounding yourself with positive people, but soon you’ll find yourself keeping the glass half full.