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Master In The Art Of Living

Master in the Art of Living: David Pietsch

February 17, 2015

David Pietsch was a chiropractor in his former life. After 20-months of trying to be recruited, he caved and signed up. He’s now a successful IMD at WorldVentures.

A lot of times we find ourselves on a path that we think we’re supposed to be on. We stay on the path—even though it’s difficult or unfulfilling—because we’re afraid of change, or because we simply don’t know how to change. Sometimes, we’ve just invested so much in our present course that we just keep plodding along hoping it will all be worth it.

It wasn’t too long ago that Dr. David Pietsch was well down his chosen path. For eight years, the Minnesota native had been focused on his chiropractic practice. “I was in such a serious profession, with so much responsibility and overhead. I had forgotten how to have fun,” he remembers.

When International Marketing Director Dave Watson reached out to him about opportunities with WorldVentures, David couldn’t imagine making a life change. “I was so focused on my practice.”

Despite the good doctor’s original “no,” Dave Watson didn’t give up. “He called me more than 20 times over a 20-month period of time,” David says. “Finally, he just showed up at my office one day with his daughter. I gave them about 5 minutes, and did a courtesy signup just to get rid of him.”

Watson’s daughter eventually became one of David’s patients. During her visits, she always had an interesting story about her travels with DreamTrips™ that piqued David’s curiosity. Although he had signed up with the company, he wasn’t active. That changed when he finally attended a training event and met Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Wayne Nugent. 

“Wayne was the most polar opposite person from me on the planet,” he says. “I was a hard-charging, work-hard, win-at-all-costs type, and he was a fun-loving, laidback person. A lot of guys have time and money, but he truly lives the lifestyle, and I saw that. It was amazing.”

More than five years later, David’s life is dramatically different. “I used to live to work, and now I work to live,” he says.

David and his wife Savannah, who are also customers, have already taken more than 60 DreamTrips—including treks to Paris, Rome and the Grand Canyon. Now the former chiropractor who was once reluctant to switch career paths has thousands of Reps on his global team. As a living example and passionate advocate for being a Master in the Art of Living, he is eager to help others transform their lives the way Wayne and his WorldVentures colleagues have enriched his.

“To master the art of living, you have to make things happen. You have to create things, and do things others aren’t willing to do. Wayne is the guy who taught me that. I’ve adopted that philosophy, and I teach it like the gospel now.”