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Master In The Art Of Living

Masters in the Art of Living, Jefferson and Megan Santos

January 21, 2015

Jefferson Santos, International Marketing Director, has always wanted to change lives. He’s built his business around fun, freedom, and fulfillment with WorldVentures.

Before WorldVentures was a successful enterprise, it was an idea championed by nonconformists who wanted to challenge ideas we have about work, career, money, family, personal happiness and balancing it all in a fun, meaningful and fulfilling life. In corner offices and executive circles across America, original thinkers are known as “instigators”—people who shake up the status quo because they are passionate proponents of a “better way” of doing something. Savvy companies embrace these people because they can transform a lackluster business into a bona fide gem. WorldVentures was co-founded by not one, but two instigators—Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue.

Today, become “a Master in the Art of Living” is more than an aspiration; it is a rallying cry that is the core of the company’s mission, and a mantra for countless WorldVentures Representatives. International Marketing Director Jefferson Santos is proud to have been an early adopter of the dream. A Texas native, Jefferson was no stranger to the world of direct selling when he met Wayne and Mike. The desire to be in control of his life and earnings was certainly a motivator, but so was his personal relationship with the two men. “I’ve always trusted Wayne and Mike, and I knew if they had a chance to do it right, they would,” he remembers.

Nearly two decades later, Jefferson is a torchbearer for others who want to change their lives. As an international trainer and member of WorldVentures Presidential Advisory Council (PAC team), Jefferson knows he is a flesh-and-blood example of what “Mastering the Art of Living” looks like to those he mentors—a concept that can seem deceptively simple and easy to embody when everything is smooth sailing. But as Jefferson has learned through his own trials, staying the course can be challenging when a storm is raging.

“It’s important to learn during that time and find balance,” he notes. “Don’t take life so seriously, but at the same time, be serious about life—about having joy now and living now.”

While Jefferson has enjoyed more than 100 vacations (50 of them DreamTrips), WorldVentures has been the path to a balance of riches on many levels. “I met my wife through the company,” he says. “I’ve learned how to speak better. I’ve learned about relationships and how to make them grow; how to be a better leader for myself, my family and my team. I’ve learned truly how to give—not just money, but time and energy.”

Now Jefferson devotes a fair amount of his time and energy to others who are eager to follow in Wayne Nugent’s footsteps and become masters in the art of living. “I want people to see what we’re building here. This business is about having the time and freedom to do whatever you want, and in the process, enjoy life. Not always focusing on the next thing, but enjoying what’s in front of you.”