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Master In The Art Of Living

Masters in the Art of Living: Dave and Abby Baird

February 4, 2015

Dave and Abby Baird have had a long journey before reaching fun, freedom, and fulfillment at WorldVentures.

For Dave and Abby Baird, the journey toward becoming masters in the art of living began at WorldVentures—in more ways than one. The journey continues today, but let’s go back to how it all began.

In 2006, Dave, owner of a successful company, had no idea what opportunities–in life and love– awaited him at WorldVentures. “I was initially drawn to WorldVentures for the travel aspect,” Dave said. He immediately saw the chance to pursue his love of travel and earn a living.

Dave had business on the brain when he co-lead a training session in Utah in 2009. But everything changed when Abby, now his wife, entered the room.

Abby, an equally successful business owner, was amazed that, even in a difficult economy, the travel industry thrived. “Florida had a really bad economy, yet it seemed like millions would travel to our beaches every year, which made the WorldVentures opportunity intriguing. So, I hopped on board—no questions asked.” Less than 48 hours later, Abby was in Salt Lake City at Dave and Troy Brown’s training session. The rest is history.

WorldVentures helped the Bairds, who are also DreamTrips Members, redefine what a vacation means to them. It’s brought them a life of new and previously only dreamed-of experiences and the opportunity to show others how free they could be.

“We’ve visited seven countries together.” Dave said. “We’ve gone on VolunTours. We got engaged in Italy and then eloped 48 hours later in Florida. Travel’s become a part of our lives. It’s about freedom.”

Abby now surrounds herself with loved ones and truly maximizes every moment. “When I had my own business, I worked all the time. But I knew there was something more. Creating peak life experiences with the people you love make you a master in the art of living. WorldVentures helps you do that.”

As they explore the world, the Bairds lead a team of more than 8,000, leading by example to help them master the art of living. Chief Visionary Officer, Wayne Nugent’s vision to become a Master in the Art of Living encourages them to be free, see the world, surround themselves with the people they love and make the most of every moment.