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Master In The Art Of Living

Masters in the Art of Living: Dave and Yvette Ulloa

November 18, 2014

Dave and Yvette Ulloa share their experience with overcoming hardships by starting a Health & Fitness DreamTrips as well as an orphanage through WorldVentures Foundation.

Dave and Yvette Ulloa have been motivated WorldVentures Reps ever since first joining the company in 2005, during its pre-launch. They have been enthusiastic believers in Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent’s “Master in the Art of Living” philosophy―pursuing their own spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and financial excellence―and long before they joined WorldVentures, the couple stayed in fantastic physical shape, keeping their bodies, as well as their minds, in top form.

But when Yvette, a former Miss USA International beauty pageant winner, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her jaw in 2011, all of a sudden their focus on health took a more urgent turn.

Yvette went for holistic treatments rather than surgery to try to heal her disease, and she found that it worked so well that her cancer disappeared.

“That experience was the spark that made us decide we wanted to share our knowledge (of healthy lifestyles) with others,” Dave says. “We want to make sure the quality of our life is that of vitality and energy and excitement … no matter how long we have on this Earth.”

To that end, Dave and Yvette helped launch Health & Fitness DreamTrips in September 2013, a new program that blends vacation experiences, wellness initiatives and fitness mentorship.

The first Health & Fitness DreamTrip was a four-day extravaganza at the Westlake Four Seasons in Los Angeles (the Ulloas are based in California), as 38 attendees worked out together and “explored the mindset behind emotional eating,” Dave says. “We sought to help them identify things that were holding them back from experiencing optimal health and fitness.”

The Ulloas say they plan to hold Health & Fitness DreamTrips at least once or twice a year, but it’s hardly the only major project they’ve undertaken since joining WorldVentures.

Dave’s father was born in Ecuador and was orphaned at age 8, and after his father died in 2010 of a motorcycle accident, Dave latched onto the idea of founding an orphanage in his father’s name in the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca.

According to Dave, with the help of the WorldVentures Foundation, the Ulloas were able to raise $30,000 to open the orphanage in Cuenca, where his father was from.

“With manpower, money and love, we got [the orphanage] La Esperanza off the ground in just a few short months,” Dave says. “Since then, we’ve opened two more homes.  It seemed only fitting to honor my father’s memory by helping children who are in the same situation he faced as a child.”

Through their acts and dedication to WorldVentures, the Ulloas have shown just how much of a life-changing experience joining the company has been for them, and Yvette is immensely proud and grateful for all that WorldVentures has brought them.

“Our success has translated to all other areas of our life,” she says. “We teach others how they can have it all, and they don’t have to sacrifice one thing.”