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Navigating Negativity: What Others Say About You Is Their Business

May 13, 2015

Continue to grow through any negativity in life by being a rep at WorldVentures. Keep your goals and accomplishments top of mind when creating your own business.

The ability to make a difference in the lives of others is a priceless perk of human interaction. But, as with all things, the social world comes with its own challenges. If you’ve worked with WorldVentures for long, chances are, you’ve encountered the well-meaning (or maybe not always so well-meaning) skepticism or criticism of individuals who are uncomfortable stepping outside of the boundaries of the 8-to-5 realm or those who are simply less than impressed.

A lesson we learn more about at each stage of life is undoubtedly true—everyone’s different. Some people prefer the 8-to-5 world, and some are happy making their own schedule, travelling the world, building teams and inspiring people to live up to their purpose. 

Criticism from strangers usually holds less weight, but how do you let the words “roll off” when they’re spoken by family, friends or coworkers?

First, it’s important to recognize that perceptions are based on experiences, fears and personal views. Your value and the value of your business do not depend upon the absolute approval of others. Below, you’ll find a few suggestions for dealing with the negativity of others:


1)Remember Your Accomplishments

Whether your accomplishments come in the form of exponential business growth, a singular impact or a flexible schedule, they mean something to you and serve as both catalysts from motivation and reminders of why you’re pursuing the business you are. Write down three accomplishments that mean the most to you. Condense the concept into one word, and repeat these when you find yourself discouraged over someone’s opinion.

2)Remember Your Goals

Take the same steps with you goals that you did with your accomplishments. Your business can take you there!

3)Share With a Mentor

Talking with someone who has been working their business longer can always give you a better outlook and offer practical tips for handling these types of situations.

4)Remember You Can Always Grow

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know that. Your business’ potential growth is vast. Often negative comments are entirely unfounded and not applicable. However, what if there’s something in one of those comments that could help your business explode? Look for those opportunities in other people’s negativity.