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New Year, New You: How to Succeed in 2016

January 28, 2016

Focus on the new you in the New Year at WorldVentures. Say no to negativity and yes to new challenges.

One of the reasons New Year’s resolutions are so wildly popular is that, once a year, we feel like we have a chance at a fresh start. As a WorldVentures™ Representative, what are your resolutions for 2016? What can you do better? What can you accomplish this year that seemed impossible last year? With blank calendars and day-planners just waiting to be filled with new possibilities, you have the opportunity to turn over a new leaf in your quest for personal and professional improvement.
If you are determined to make your resolutions stick this year, here are a few practical tips to help you succeed.
Write It Down
If you don’t already own the aforementioned calendar and day-planner, you should! Write down your New Year’s resolutions to hold yourself accountable and be reminded of the big picture when you feel bogged down with everyday life. Go the extra mile and break your resolutions up into manageable, weekly steps to stay motivated and on task. Are you resolving to attend at least two training events this year? Mark them on your calendar and commit to showing up.
Say NO to Negativity
One of the most important parts of remaining focused on your goals is to eliminate the negative influences in your life.  Try to share your vision with people you can trust to build you up instead of tear you down, and always strive to be that person for other people. Maybe the most negative voice in your life is your own. Find the source of your own toxic mindsets and replace them with positive thinking, and seek guidance from your upline when you feel overwhelmed or uncertain.
Say YES To New Challenges
Oftentimes we have a tendency to become complacent and stop looking for ways to take on big opportunities that fall outside our comfort zone. Living this way almost guarantees your fresh start will be comprised of old news. Make 2016 the year you say “yes” to new and exciting challenges.
Look Forward
When you throw out your 2015 calendar, throw out all the baggage you won’t be needing this year with it. If you focus on looking forward and not dwelling on your past failures, you can build a future for yourself and your team that is more successful than you could have possibly imagined.