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Norway Challenge Threatens Direct Sellers

February 24, 2014

We know that for many, understanding the WorldVentures business model and more specifically, the Direct Selling and Multi-level Marketing industry, can be a challenge.

We know that for many, understanding our business model and more specifically, the Direct Selling and Multi-level Marketing industry, can be a challenge. We also recognize that it’s not unusual for government agencies to be unfamiliar with the nuances and norms of any individual company’s business model. This has become an overwhelming factor in the recent scrutiny of WorldVentures by the Norwegian Lottery Board and Gaming Authority. They have concluded that certain aspects of our business, in their view, do not fully comply with Norwegian laws. As a result, we have been asked to stop doing business in that market. This decision has come as a surprise to us and we find it very disappointing. However, the decision was made without full consideration and review of the extensive documentation provided, and, in our view, shows a disregard of fact.

We take pride in our business and the fact that we have created yet another open door for Norwegian entrepreneurs. This is consistent with the country’s history of personal freedom and self-empowerment for its citizens. Norwegians have pursued direct selling opportunities for years in everything from health and beauty products to kitchenware, and a conclusion like this has the potential to affect the entire industry—even beyond the Norwegian borders. That’s a huge concern.

Expanding our products and services to Norway has not only been a great decision for WorldVentures, but also for the thousands of Norwegians who are a part of the WorldVentures family. We’ve offered an opportunity for Norwegians to earn extra income doing something they love—traveling. WorldVentures' travel club memberships offer a superior value for travel-minded consumers looking for well-packaged, well-priced vacations.  The fact that our Independent Representatives who represent the product believe in it so much that they also join and enjoy the privileges of club membership speaks volumes to that value. In fact, we feel the value of the club membership is given true credibility from our Representatives who market the product in the field.   

It is our commitment to see this through, and we’re hopeful that we’ll have our day in court as quickly as possible for an objective review. As a company, we’re dedicated to complying with all laws and regulations, and we understand the ultimate goal of the Lottery Board is to protect consumers from fraudulent organizations. That’s why we welcome the scrutiny and support the Lottery Board’s role in working to remove potentially disreputable organizations from the market place. We have been and are continuing to be committed to straight-forward communications regarding this situation. 

We understand the unease and frustration this situation is causing for our WorldVentures family in all of our markets, as well as direct sellers around the world. We feel it too.

Direct selling has a long and positive history in Norway. When a great product meets a progressive and transparent compensation plan, network marketing can be the most powerful system of free enterprise in the world today. We’re confident our business is in line with Norwegian law. We hope that the matter can quickly be brought before the courts for an objective review so we can continue providing exceptional service to our Norwegian Members and Independent Representatives.