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Our Truth Is Enough

October 16, 2013

WorldVentures is are on the road to becoming the most trusted brand in direct sales. We take inspiration from our Core Value No. 3: Honor, Embody and Expand Trust.

It’s a lesson that we’re taught early on: Always tell the truth. No matter what. It’s pretty black and white. But somewhere along the way, we step into a realm of gray. Each year, in the media and in business, we hear stories where the truth is stretched so it sounds a little better, where omissions make things easier to swallow, and where enthusiasm leads to a bit of embellishment.

Even some of the world’s most well–known brands have had to contend with accusations of less–than–truthful advertising. In business, it seems it has become a societal norm to exaggerate and sell “hype”. The direct sales industry is no exception. There are too many companies that over promise and under deliver. However, many of us are reputable and strive to positively change the lives of our Representatives and consumers who purchase our products.

Direct sales has made it possible for people from any background, culture and educational level to become business owners and have the ability to dedicate themselves to what is truly important to them: family, helping others, freeing up time, earning a supplemental income and leaving legacies for future generations. This industry is full of passionate and caring people. The flip side to passion is that it can be easy to get excited and exaggerate. There can be shades of gray. As one of the founders of WorldVentures™, I want to make this statement.

Our truth is enough.

Our Reps are extremely enthusiastic and believe in everything we have strived to make WorldVentures stand for. And why wouldn’t they? We provide fun, freedom and fulfillment to more than 100,000 people around the world. We want to be an inspiration in the direct sales industry. We want to be a brand that is synonymous with trust. We want people to trust our company because of our name and our brand. We want to do what’s right. It’s the only way we will sustain our business and continue to grow. It’s the only way we will continue to have the ability to change lives as we have done for the past seven years.

So, what are we doing to build trust? To elevate to a higher standard, we’re taking inspiration from our Core Value No. 3: Honor, Embody and Expand Trust. We only want to represent truth and we need your help and input. This blog is your sounding board. You can come to us with your questions and thoughts in an open and transparent format. I want you to hold us accountable, just as we do you. I want to read your comments, your concerns and your questions — even the hard ones! — and address them one by one. We’ve also formed a Trust Council, headed by Chief People Officer Angel Rodriguez, and will soon provide further details about this group’s role in our initiative.

We are on the road to becoming the most trusted brand in direct sales. And as our eyes and ears in the field, you are not just along for the ride; you are the inspiration for the journey in the first place. The momentum is fully in our corner and we cannot wait to embark on this trip with you.