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Representing WorldVentures - Independent Sales Reps

Eddie Head
June 27, 2013

As ambassadors for WorldVentures, our Reps are the experts on working and living with passion. Reps have the choice to work a schedule that is their own.

Live fun, freedom and fulfillment,” is the first WorldVentures Core Value, and it’s no wonder! The essence of our company, our brand and our story comes to life through the more than 100,000 Reps across the world in 23 countries who bear the great responsibility of showing everyone what it means to live fun, freedom and fulfillment!

As ambassadors for WorldVentures, our Reps who are also DreamTrips™ Members are the experts on working and living with passion. Our Facebook page is an awe-inspiring visual feast of their journeys all around the world. They dine under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, visit honky tonks in Nashville, go on safari in Africa, snorkel in blue Bahamian waters and take in the view at once-in-a-lifetime sporting spectaculars around the world. Want to join in? They’ll show you how!

Our Reps also have the choice to work a schedule that is their own and there is no better definition of freedom than that. The flexibility to be at a child’s school program, care for an ailing parent or maybe even to wake up and have no agenda for the day—is the very definition of what “freedom” is. And if one asks, our Reps are happy to share their personal and moving stories, guiding others to their own emancipation.

As far as fulfillment, our Reps dedicate thousands of hours to charitable causes all over the globe, thanks to the WorldVentures Foundation, and many times, of their own volition within their local communities. If you’ve never built a bottle school in Guatemala and watched the construction change the landscape of an entire community, ask one of our Reps how it made them feel. Listen as they tell you about beautifying a Boys & Girls Club or building a DreamCourt where children in disadvantaged neighborhoods can gather to play safely.

We have become one of the fastest-growing direct-sales companies in the country, propelled by our Reps’ unlimited dedication electric enthusiasm and unwavering belief in bringing more fun, freedom and fulfillment to the world. So, the next time you see one of our iconic blue “You Should Be Here” signs held high in the air, ask the person holding it how you can get in on the fun, freedom and fulfillment action!