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Secrets to Lasting Success

February 27, 2015

Vision, optimism, ethics and benevolence are all quality characteristics that high achievers have in lasting success at WorldVentures.

Success is a matter of perspective. Depending on your experiences and expectations, the definition varies. But no matter how you see success, there are some things all high achievers have in common. 



Winners have the innate ability to see beyond circumstances―good, bad or indifferent. In their eyes, obstacles are opportunities and rejection only renews their resolve. It’s this big picture viewpoint that kept WorldVentures’ National Marketing Director Jay Payso focused despite a disadvantaged upbringing, deferred dreams of boxing stardom and detours that landed him on the wrong side of the law. 


“I knew I was put on this earth to do something great,” says Jay. “I just didn’t know how, what, where, or when.” 



Like Jay, International Marketing Director (IMD) Lorenzo Roybal has experienced his share of setbacks―from growing up fatherless to failing his freshman year of college. He’s also endured detractors and deserters within his organization but, undaunted, Lorenzo says defiantly: “It’s the few extra reps past failure that make the difference between being average and being a champion. Champions start what they finish, know how to grow from failure, understand what they want and do whatever it takes to get it.”  



In doing whatever it takes, one must maintain undiminished morality, according to Marketing Director and actress Cynthia Koh. “It's important to be a trustworthy person so that you gain loyalty from the people around you,” she says. “When I handle my business, I practice trust and integrity. They are the two fundamental aspects in any successful person.”



Those who are blessed with abundance feel a responsibility to pass it on. That’s why Dave Watson and wife, Cheryl, donate a significant amount of their time and resources to humanitarian efforts of the WorldVentures Foundation. “If you want to have real success in your business, you need to have real compassion for people,” says Dave, an IMD, member of the Presidential Advisory Council, and international trainer. “WorldVentures has given me the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want. But more than that, I’m at a place in my life where I can give as much as I want.”