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Seven Years and Counting...

Wayne Nugent
October 16, 2013

The number seven holds great significance in many cultures. And because we are celebrating WorldVentures' seventh year, it also marks an ideal time for us to reflect .

The ......number seven holds great significance in many cultures. And because we are celebrating WorldVentures' seventh year, it also marks an ideal time for us to reflect back on where we were just seven short years ago, where we are now and what is to come.

Back then, we were a blip on the screen with a handful of employees, with one country in our portfolio. But despite our humble beginnings, we were a company with a vision and dreams that knew no limits. That vision of becoming the world's leading direct seller of travel was not solely fueled by the desire for increasing revenue. Though that is a goal of any business, our vision was, and continues to be, helping to make people's dreams of traveling the globe and securing success while doing so, a reality.

But, our success cannot be measured by the amount of money in an account or by how many silver BMWs are in our Reps' driveways. Rather, after seven years of watching WorldVentures™ grow in leaps and bounds, I believe our success is measured by you.

Each and every DreamTrips Member who has taken once-in-a-lifetime excursions to world-wide locales; each person in the WorldVentures family who has been the catalyst for their dreams and the dreams of their families coming true; each employee in our corporate office and our executive team who work tirelessly to offer innovative products and services, dominating our industry as a travel leader; and each person who no longer wants to just daydream about escaping the everyday, but who is ready to make it their reality - all of you make 'us.' Our success is measured by our people and the lives they lead and how they are now able provide for their families and generations to come. This seventh birthday celebration is all because of you. And the next seven years, 10 years, 20 years and beyond will all be possible because of you too.

Right now, we have more people achieving success than ever before. We just launched in our 22nd country (hello Ireland!). We are increasing our corporate staff to accommodate the growth we are experiencing in the field. New DreamTrips™ locations are added every week, offering unbelievable experiences and life-long memories. We are one of the top 100 direct sales companies in the world. And with the Manifest Foundation, we have changed hundreds of lives through our philanthropic outreach. Being creative, driven, innovative and transparent has allowed us to thrive and we only anticipate greater things to come as we head into next year.

Around the world, seven can also be a symbol of completion. But for WorldVentures, our journey is not complete. We have yet to reach our full potential - I'm looking forward to all that is to come and hope you are as well. So, as we blow out the candles on this year's birthday celebration, I want to thank you for placing your dreams in our hands. We will continue to hold them, nurture them and give you the tools and training needed to make them your own. Happy birthday to you, WorldVentures - and many more!

Wayne Nugent