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The Best of Boot Camp

Jimmy Bellew
August 8, 2013

All of our Boot Camp trainers are models of success and if you follow their advice, you’ll be well on your way to “general” status in your business.

Forward March! We are fresh off our series of motivating Boot Camps and no matter where our business soldiers got their marching orders—Denver, Johannesburg or Singapore—they’ve been equipped with the tools to mark a steady path toward professional victory!

If you weren’t able to make Boot Camp, we’re not going to leave you outside the barracks and keep all of this great information to ourselves! We’ve compiled a memo of some of the best training tips and techniques that our training squad delivered just for you:

“If you want to create a lasting burning fire in your business, you have to be the one who personally ignites the fire. To spark the fire, you must commit to continuing personal development. You know my training motto—‘Pay Attention. Get Excited. Never Quit!’"

- Marc Accetta, International Director of Training

“I’ve built my entire network by starting conversations. You have to develop a high level of communication skills, confidence, team-building skills, persistence and consistency.”

- David Pietsch, International Marketing Director

“There are five principles I use to ‘10x’ my business and my life: ambition, courage, consistency, learning and joy. Don’t cap your ambition. Courage is what makes you put action to ambition. You have to work this like a job. Sharpen your social media savvy; being coachable is how you will learn to win. You have to have fun in your business and there has to be joy. Joy is the kind of happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens.”

- Jefferson Santos, International Marketing Director

“You are social proof that the membership and business works when you use it. If you’re a DreamTrips™ Member, post pictures of you on a DreamTrip on your social media pages! Use the product and have a team goal of 50 percent or more of your team going on a DreamTrip within the first year.”

 - Kari Schneider, International Marketing Director

“Why do some win and some don\'t? It all comes down to belief in yourself. In my journey, I decided to believe in myself. I turned the TV off, the radio off and started telling myself what I want. It\'s OK to ’borrow belief’ from the people who’ve walked the stage here. You gain belief by seeing other people just like you achieve.”

- Byron Schrag, International Marketing Director

All of our Boot Camp trainers are models of success and if you follow their advice, you’ll be well on your way to “general” status in your business. Share with us the training guidelines that have made the difference as you’ve built your business brawn!