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Time Bandits. A window into the world of total freedom.

July 2, 2015

Gain total freedom by joining WorldVentures, the leader in network marketing travel club membership.

They’re words you hear over and over from the WorldVentures community: “Time freedom.” An increase in time spent doing what you love seems like a paradox when running your own business. However, gaining more freedom is a consistent result experienced by WorldVentures™ Reps.


Working for someone else brings the long list of time wasters: unnecessary meetings, co-worker distractions, heavy workloads, tedious reports and working overtime just to get the basics of your job done, often including travel that is all work and no fun. The cost of lost time with family and friends, and quality of life is unmeasurable. The WorldVentures model eliminates all of these time bandits and allows you to work from wherever and whenever. You become the master of your destiny and determine how to allocate your time so you get the most out of life.


WorldVentures’ “Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment!” is a powerful mantra that is light years away from the modern work ethos that carries a load of stress, not to mention mental, physical and spiritual fatigue. By being your own boss and surrounding yourself with other successful leaders, the line between work and fun becomes amazingly blurred, a transition that Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent points to as the foundation for becoming a Master in the Art of Living.


Not only will you achieve more freedom by going on DreamTrips and sharing your experiences with others who aspire to your lifestyle, but you attain the “thing” everyone is looking for—happiness and fulfillment. Infusing positive energy into your community is an instant way to give back and introduce the concept of how to Make a living … Living™ to others so that they too can change the direction of their life and eliminate their own time bandits.