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Tips and Strategies for the Direct-Selling Novice

November 19, 2013

Now that you’ve decided to dive into the world of direct-selling, what’s next? Learn these 4 tips and strategies to get you flying. Read now.

Entering into the world of direct-selling can be rewarding—and a bit daunting. Without a plan, it’s easy to become discouraged and disillusioned. But, hundreds of thousands of people have found their niche in the industry and are living lives they envisioned for themselves―and there’s no reason you can’t do the same!


Ok. Now that you’ve decided to dive into the world of direct-selling, what’s next?


Planning is the key to boost your chances of success and these tips will help you get on your way. And here’s a friendly piece of advice―get ready to work hard to make your dreams come true. 


Know Your Product

This may seem like the “Captain Obvious” tip, but you’d be surprised! Too many entrepreneurs in direct sales focus on selling techniques when they should be focusing on exactly what they’re selling, why they’re selling it and how their product stands up to competitors. 


Oh yeah―bluffing is a practice that doesn’t work in sales. Information about your chosen company is only a quick Google search away, so make sure their reputation doesn’t potentially sink a sale with a savvy customer. 


For instance, WorldVentures has an entire website called WorldVentures Trust that outlines our strong trust principles and includes a product FAQ section, the standards we hold our Reps to, and more. Although every company doesn’t have a site like this, you should still be able to easily locate information about their business practices. 


Friends and Family―You’re Hired!

No person is an island and when you’re going into direct-selling, that’s info you should definitely remember. Support from friends and loved ones goes a long way in helping you get started, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.


And while word-of-mouth impact from your own mom may not have the influence you’re looking for, it still has an effect and can generate sales and interest. And the endorsement of friends can be even better, since they have various social circles and can serve as ambassadors for your business.


The Social Experience

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and provides a huge (gigantic even) opportunity for you to promote your new business endeavor.


Facebook is the social media king, but you’ll want to explore other options as well. Due to the sheer volume of posts on Facebook, your message may not reach your entire audience, so repetition becomes necessary to reach everyone. Twitter and LinkedIn are popular go-to-choices as well, but other sites like Pinterest, InstaGram and Google+  are becoming more and more popular. Depending on what you’re sharing, each site serves its own purpose; Instagram is a great way for our Reps and DreamTrips Members to share their DreamTrips photos. During live events, WorldVentures regularly trends on Twitter, causing a stir—and curiosity about who we are. 


And though being active in social media can help you build your brand, so can traditional “get your name out there” social practices. Make sure you always have business cards handy and show your face at networking events as well. You’re sure to meet people from all sorts of industries and even if they are not potential customers themselves, they may recommend or refer customers to you.


Get Personal with It

Because there’s so much personal engagement involved in direct sales, charisma can take you far in the industry.  And even card-carrying introverts can be transformed into charismatic go-getters if they focus on personal development. 


Personal development should be a part of the curriculum for any direct-sales company, so make sure you ask about the options available to you. When you attend training sessions and workshops, you’ll likely be addressed by some of the best in your business and the wisdom they share will prove invaluable, so go! Gatherings like Momentum!, monthly Regional trainings and even specialized personal-development sessions such as Journey provide WorldVentures Reps the chance to challenge themselves, set goals for both their business and personal lives and jump over internal hurdles and barriers to success. 


Conducting research before embarking on your entrepreneurial quest can turn the concept of success into reality. Direct-selling has become a highly evolved, highly personal and extremely exciting field of business sand once armed with ambition and knowledge, you’ll be on your way to self-employed freedom.