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Volunteer Vacations: A Life-Altering Trip

Gwyneth Lloyd
September 17, 2013

With the growing popularity of Volunteer Vacations, not only can you travel abroad, you can also start a ripple of change that will reverberate with generations to come.

We all know the saying. “Think globally. Act locally.” But, why not think and act globally? With the growing popularity of Volunteer Vacations (or what we like to call “VolunTours”), not only can you travel the world and have your eyes opened to new cultures, you can also start a ripple of change that will reverberate with generations to come.

What are VolunTours

So…what is a VolunTour anyway? It’s pretty simple, actually. On these trips, travelers have the chance to perform extensive volunteer work while they’re on vacation. The amount of time volunteered depends highly on the type of trip taken, but the work usually lasts several days and is done alongside a team of individuals who are looking to make a sustainable impact. In short, it’s a vacation, an off-the-beaten path cultural immersion and a life-changing experience for everyone involved!

VolunTours can happen anywhere in the world, but are usually in developing countries and nations, like Liberia, India or Guatemala. The work you’ll do on one of these rewarding trips will largely depend on the region’s specific needs: providing villagers with clean water solutions; building schools where children can learn in a safe environment; or, working with women on social projects that help them gain independence.

As people are awakened to the life-changing influence VolunTours have, they have become increasingly popular as individuals use these excursions to completely re-define how meaningful a vacation can be. Adding to their appeal, they can be taken by anyone: individuals who want to make a difference;   families who want to show their children the value of giving back to others; or young adults who may want to have a more significant “gap year” volunteer experience.

VolunTours Combining a Vacation, Volunteering and Fun

There’s no denying that most people are actually trying to escape work when they take a vacation—not volunteer to do more of it! But, VolunTours are not all work and no play. The WorldVentures Foundation’s VolunTour ground-breaking trip to Cuba, for instance, takes participants into a land full of rich cultural history, warm tropical breezes and the full flavors of authentic Cuban cuisine. On the Foundation’s Liberia VolunTour, VolunTourists will not only have the chance to help rebuild this country by providing clean water solutions and working with organizations that work to improve the lives of women and children, but they’ll also voyage to its colorful capital and shop in lively open-air markets and dig their toes in the sand of the country’s breathtakingly beautiful beaches.

So, what do you want your next vacation souvenir to be? A T-shirt or a magnet is always nice, but the satisfaction from sparking change in a corner of the world is one that will last you, and others, a lifetime.

Gwyneth Lloyd

WorldVenutres Foundation VolunTours Video