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WorldVentures in Review

December 24, 2013

The holidays are an opportune time to reflect on WorldVentures. After celebrating our eight-year anniversary, we continue to prove to the world that we’re thriving and are here to stay!

No matter which traditions you observe, the holiday season is a time to treasure. There’s nothing better than creating memories and celebrating the joyous spirit that ushers in this time of year.  For me, the holidays are also an opportune time to reflect on WorldVentures’ banner year.


Meshing the world of travel and direct-sales was unproven when we were founded. Now, after celebrating our eight-year anniversary, we continue to prove to the world that we’re thriving and are here to stay! 


Every story has a beginning and WorldVentures is no different. Our start was humble; there was not a dollar of outside funding. But, we’ve grown in a way that’s awe-inspiring, considering we started with a handful of employees, very few DreamTrips and we occupied a very small office space. A huge contributing factor has been our executive decision-making for the company, which in turn, has been influenced by  the valuable feedback from our Reps and DreamTrips members. There have been hurdles, mistakes and even painful experiences, but they’ve made us stronger and we’ve grown as people and leaders. Now, we have a thriving business, and are changing the lives of thousands through travel. Our success shows the world that what we’re doing is needed.


This year, our continued commitment to trust, the introduction of game-changing programs and our mission to continually make a difference in the world has elevated us to being second-to-none in our industry:


  • The news that comes out of the business world isn’t always positive. A lot of that is due to companies over-promising and under-delivering. And that troubling trend is exactly why we’ve set out to become the most trusted brand within our industry. With a trust advocate in our corner, like Stephen M. R. Covey, who spoke at our international convention, we’ve taken some early positive steps in establishing a new industry standard around trust. 
  • DreamTrips Rewards and “Share the Experience. Reap the Rewards.” benefited and empowered both Reps and DreamTrips Members. Back in 2005, we offered only 15 DreamTrips, had scant technology and there were definitely no points earned toward DreamTrips! Today, these programs continue to set us apart and are absolute game-changers. 
  • The WorldVentures Foundation just assisted in building the 13th Bottle School in Guatemala this year and has built more than 30 schools to date. Having traveled to Guatemala with my own family, I know how inspiring this bonding and learning experience can be.  Every school we help build is a major accomplishment not only for us, but for the communities they serve. 

    The Foundation has also partnered in the construction of DreamCourts, rehabbed several Boys & Girls Club facilities across the country and orchestrated auctions, “Fun Runs” and other events that have furthered our joint mission to give back to the world we live in. 


If I had to choose one word that sums up WorldVentures this year, it would be “determined.” We’ve invested in our tools, people and technology. We’re entering the biggest growth phase the company has ever experienced, bringing on people who share and believe in our Core Values. Our employees, our Reps and our DreamTrips Members give me so much conviction and certainty in our future. It’s incredible to witness and be a part of the attitude, passion, dedication and love that you all give. 


We’re on the path of building something that is truly remarkable and it makes my heart proud. Happy Holidays and here’s to changing the world.