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Adversity is the path to awareness. Create a team challenge today!

September 14, 2017

Ever heard the saying “You get what you wish for”? As you know, a wish without effort goes nowhere. It’s more accurate to say, “You get what you are challenged by.” As a WorldVentures Rep and leader, you are taught through training to position adversity to your advantage. You learn to see challenges for what they are — the ultimate teachers. 
Every challenge is an invitation to examine where you are headed and to consider a new path. If adversity is a bridge to possibility, it also is a lesson in accountability, perseverance and focus. If a challenge brings about an alternate solution to a problem, it is also a guide to transforming our methods and mindset. 
Have you found yourself here, at the crossroads of adversity and awareness? If so, you are not alone. This is a journey that leads many Reps to moments of real reflection and gratitude. Getting here takes focus. But getting others here is a call to leadership. Each day, you are challenged to give more of yourself and to pull more from your team.
Get the tools you need to lead, to speak with vision and purpose, and to challenge your team to rise to their expectations in the special “Challenge” edition of Voyager magazine, on sale now.

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