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Living The Core Values

Living the Core Values: Reidar Furuholmen

April 29, 2015

Reidar Furuholmen knows a little bit about building a business from scratch, having been persistent from the get-go with WorldVentures.

For Reidar, the joy in working for WorldVentures comes not just in making life better for himself, his wife Sandra and their family. It comes in helping others see opportunities, and lifestyle changes, that they don't see themselves. He truly believes everyone can be made successful if given the right opportunity, which is why to Reidar, the Core Value that means the most is No. 7: Champion Full Potential.

"That's where I get a lot of my motivation and excitement from," Reidar says. "This is because I love to help others, and see others reaching their goals in life. And really, I just love to watch winners, if it's in a sport, or a singing contest, in business, in WorldVentures in general or on my own team. It doesn't matter as long as I can feel like part of the success.

"I work hard to be a winner myself," Reidar concludes, "and I know I have to help others reach their success for me to be successful."

Reidar uses as an example of this philosophy his experience with a woman on his team named Katrin Gunnarsson, who at the beginning of her WorldVentures career suffered a disaster, as an arena for horse-riding she had built on her farm was destroyed by a storm. Reidar thought he could help, so he visited her and told her about the WV business opportunity.

"She responded to my plans to help her," Reidar says. "After a couple of weeks of booking meetings and doing presentations, she was a Senior Rep, and now she's close to becoming a Director.

"This story motivates me a lot," Reidar adds, "because it proves that if there's a will, WorldVentures is the way!"

Reidar has been in direct sales since 1981, but his association with WorldVentures goes back to 2007, when he found out about the company and began asking WorldVentures' corporate offices if he could open business in Europe under the WV brand.

He says he was politely told at that time that WorldVentures was not looking to expand beyond the United States, but three years later, he was given the go-ahead.

"I was even more excited then than I was in the beginning," Reidar says. "After reading up and studying about WorldVentures, and knowing myself like I do, I knew I could be a success."

Reidar, who has risen up to become an International Marketing Director, says that he has created a system that works for him. He sets as a goal to do two presentations every day, whether it's a one-on-one situation or in a bigger meeting.

After signing up new team members, he has a plan that includes contact with new Reps every three days "to prove that people will join and that everything works as I explained when I spoke to them in their first presentation," Reidar says. "It's very important to me that as soon as possible, they get their first payment to prove to them that the business works."

Reidar believes in doing presentations with PowerPoints and talking people through the program to gauge their interest. That way, he figures, he can zero in on the right points for that individual, and to have the prospects feeling that they have had their questions answered.

Reidar and his wife, Sandra, are a team, with Sandra handling the financial and organizational details like booking meeting rooms, while he handles the presentations and trainings.

"I have had some success in the industry before, so I knew that with this fantastic program I'd be able to do well," Reidar says. "Not because of me being great, but because the products and program are great!"

Reidar says he continues to learn from the trainings even though he thought he “knew everything” when he started! He says his "hunger" for more success keeps him coming back for more.

"When I first started in network marketing, I did a lot of things wrong," he admits. "I talked too much, I said too much about not being sure I could do this, and being a little too negative. A person who was my first advisor told me, 'Either you quit, or you take my advice how to do it,' and he was right.

"He also told me that you have to grow with your business; you can't be the same person and suddenly have success, and that's the most important advice I've ever gotten. Personal growth is part of building a business."

Whenever he struggles with motivation, Reidar says he looks around and thinks about other careers he could have.

"I've made new friends all over the world and experienced so many great things, but sometimes you do say to yourself, 'Are you sure that you will travel around, saying the same things year after year, and hearing the same arguments from outside people against your business?'" he says. "But when this thought comes, I look around and see what other people are doing in their 'normal' lives and jobs, and after that, I'm fully motivated again."

Reidar's making sure that he passes on his WorldVentures success to the next generation.

"I don't hope, I know that WV will lead to my financial security for years to come," Reidar says. "I hope that my children will experience freedom, and have a lot of success like I have had.

"That would be my ultimate reward."

Core Value #7: Champion Full Potential
Commit to continuous growth and learning. Solicit feedback from others and look for constructive lessons in personal experiences. Always be evolving. Empower others and help them see their greatness. Seek out opportunities to build up others through sincere appreciation and acknowledgement of their actions and gifts. Appreciate and learn from others' unique differences. We are creating a culture free of politics or sabotage of others' goals (i.e., jealousy or resentment of upline, downline or sideline). Edify everyone involved in WorldVentures, regardless of their goals or success in business.


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