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Master In The Art Of Living

Master in the Art of Living with Brittany and Travis Just

April 30, 2015


When Travis and Brittany Just joined WorldVentures in 2012, they knew their dreams were finally becoming a reality. They embraced the Core Values and aligned with the vision of WorldVentures Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent. They learned to leverage their strengths, inspire their team, create more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives, and ultimately to work and play together more often. As Regional Marketing Directors, Brittany and Travis have cultivated their spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and intellectual lives and have become "Masters in the Art of Living."

The Bucket List
After spending nearly 15 years owning his own company in the health and wellness industry, Travis took an astronomical financial hit when the economy flopped in 2008. He met the love of his life, Brittany, along the way and they knew they had to find a way out of their struggles. With 11 cents in their bank account and on the verge of selling their house, Brittany and Travis were looking for a sign.

"Our story is pretty simple. At the same time, most people don't expect it," Travis says. "We looked good, we drove well, but the debts were piling up. We had zero time. I was working 80 hours a week, while Brittany was waitressing and being a mom. The week before we saw WorldVentures, we were at the lowest point we'd ever been."

Their friend invited them to a WorldVentures event where they met their future mentor Dr. David Pietsch. Dr. Pietsch explained that Brittany and Travis had an opportune moment to turn their lives around.

"From the day that I met him we had a connection," Brittany explains. "We were on the same page as far as where we wanted to go in life. We were always big dreamers, so that was always in the back of our minds. We always knew we were destined for something great."

The day after attending a WorldVentures training session, Brittany and Travis sat down and made a bucket list. On the top of the list was to create more time, so they could be with their family, children and travel the world for the first time together.

"We took a sheet of paper and we drew a line down the middle," Travis says. "On the left side, we put all the things in our life that, as hardworking, noble people we had, like the house, cars and clothes. And on the right side it was all about our bucket list. When we got to the bottom of the page, we realized nothing we wanted on that list had anything to do with stuff we already owned. It was all about making time."

The Hope Company

Brittany and Travis' journey took a complete 180-degree turn once they joined WorldVentures. Travis shut the doors on a business he tried endlessly to build, and Brittany invested all her efforts into the direct-selling industry.

Within their first year, Brittany and Travis put more than 100,000 miles on their car attending WorldVentures presentations. They also shared the company products and programs with as many people as they could.Additionally, Brittany and Travis were able to take their first vacation together after joining WorldVentures, checking another item off their bucket list.

The process of building credibility and climbing the ranks meant countless hours attending events, producing presentations and constantly networking. At the beginning of every WorldVentures calendar year, Brittany and Travis set dates to sharpen their skills at each upcoming WorldVentures event.

"You go through a season of your life building this business," Brittany states. The Justs believe it's not where you come from, but where you want to go and how you set the stage to get there. And that is how WorldVentures became their lifeline of second chances, or as they call it, "The Hope Company."

The Dream Team
To build a better foundation for their 3-year-old twins, Aryssa and Wren, Brittany and Travis continue to reach for their dreams. And while Travis acknowledges that everybody isn't equipped to handle WorldVentures, he believes WorldVentures is built for everybody.

"We believe WorldVentures came into our lives for a reason," Travis says. "Brittany and I both believed that if this was real then we would be on a mission to share WorldVentures with every one we possibly could. And that's what we do every day."

As Brittany and Travis continue to push their way through the ranks at WorldVentures, they are extremely grateful for the time and efforts of their hardworking team who get up every day to build a successful business.

Additionally, they believe the style and training provided by WorldVentures is the best teaching device when it comes to explaining the A to Zs of what it takes to get ahead.

"I can honestly say we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the educational system and training sessions taught by WorldVentures," Travis explains. "If you're going to take advantage of WorldVentures, and you want to make this a lifestyle, not just for travel, not just a business, it'll never happen without training and support. Top leaders are willing to selflessly share their information of what it took to get them to where they're at. You need to learn from the people who have exactly what you want and the people who have done it share with you their experiences, which is exactly what WorldVentures provides."

Today, Brittany and Travis are training others how to build viable businesses and change the very fabric of their lives. Following in the footsteps of luminary Wayne Nugent, they have become masters at embracing every opportunity, living in the moment and enjoying themselves every step of the way.



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