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Master In The Art Of Living

Master of the Art of Living: Shelley Blanzy's Master Plan

April 30, 2015

When Toledo, Ohio native and Regional Marketing Director Shelley Blanzy was two years old, her father passed away. Her mom was left as a single parent of seven children. Her mother had limited skills, no drivers license and no education, but she did qualify for welfare and social security. So that's how the family was raised.

"It was a very difficult childhood," recalls Blanzy, who herself has no formal college education. "But I was the girl who always had a dream and knew there must be more to life than this."

After being a stay-at-home mom for quite some time, Blanzy became inspired by a friend of hers who was making a living with a direct sales company. So Blanzy jumped on board. Soon, the former hair stylist was extremely successful, selling skin care products and makeup to women. She drove a white Mercedes, which she earned through the company. She was content, not looking for anything else.

Then one day she came home from a day of meetings and her son's football coach, a WorldVentures Rep, was sitting at the table with her then-husband. "I put up the cross sign with my fingers and told him I wasn't interested," recalls Blanzy. "I saw him physically shrink in his chair. I felt bad, so I asked him to leave some information for me. He left me a copy of SUCCESS magazine, in which WorldVentures was featured. One day I sat down and looked at the magazine. It showed both men and women doing WorldVentures. A light bulb went off. I figured if I could be successful working with just women currently, imagine what I could do working with both men and women."

Her personal life was soon in disarray, but she did wind up joining WorldVentures—a move that definitively helped balance her life. It may have even saved her life. "I am a true rags-to-riches story, growing up in poverty and then living a dream life," says Blanzy. "I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I learned how to put one there and keep it there. After I found out about all the infidelity in my marriage, I chose to divorce my husband rather than to live a lie. Once the divorce started, I found out we were nearly a million dollars in debt. I almost lost everything. If I had not chosen WorldVentures as my Plan B and actually built it, I would've lost everything. I would've become another one of the 74 percent of women to fall into poverty after death of a spouse or divorce. But I had a back-up plan and chose to fight and win. WorldVentures taught me to fight, to believe, to grow my faith, and create the money I needed as a tool to save things instead of just reaching money freedom as a goal."

 Today she is indeed fulfilling her dreams. Blanzy's a single mom of three incredible children, living in the Chicago suburb of Naperville. She values her family, friends and relationships. However, one of the most important things she values is the power of her word. That means "being a person of complete integrity," says Blanzy.

"I honor integrity in relationships because people know they can count on me. My word is truly my bond. In business, they know they can trust me. If someone trusts me, they will follow my leadership and have success. Contributing to others is critical to my mission in life."


The Hope Company

And as a result, her beliefs greatly influence her life and her business. Adhering to them is like her own personal game plan for life that helps her maintain a high quality of living. And because those beliefs stream through everything she does, work and play become one and the same for her, because of the standards she's set her life by.

"My beliefs are powerful," says Blanzy, who finds those beliefs a source of inspiration. "I stand on the fact that we are all born with a dream. But most people never go after them, because they get comfortable inside their limiting beliefs. I am not limited in my thinking. I know if I choose something I can achieve it, and I teach that to others. In my personal life, I teach my kids to chase their dreams, have integrity and do their best. And the results will follow. In business, it's the same. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, coming out of limiting beliefs and they can 'Be, Do and Have' whatever they choose."

WorldVentures Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent is known as the "Master of the Art of Living," and that mantra flows down through everyone else in the company. To Blanzy, that takes on a unique meaning.

"The ultimate mastery in life is creating balance," she says, "which is much easier to achieve when you own your time." Below, is her personal interpretation of Wayne's division of the "Master of the Art of Living" into five categories—eliciting spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and financial well-being.

Spiritually: "I am a Christian woman of faith. I have a strong belief in God. I host a Bible study in my home every Monday, allowing myself and others to grow in the word of God. I seek God in all things, allowing his fullness to encompass my life."

Physically: "I eat well, I exercise and I enjoy taking care of my body. I know it's the only vehicle I get to use in this one life journey so I work hard to honor it."

Emotionally: "I have read, and continue to read, a wide variety of personal growth and development books, listen to audios and attend seminars to learn more about growing as a human being. I love freely without condition. I have a close group of friends to talk with and mentor through the days of breakdown. Some days I laugh, and some days I cry. I am human and I'm OK with whatever comes my way because I always know, as the good book says, 'This too shall pass.'"

Intellectually: "Daily, I feed my mind, seeking business advice, learning new things, and keeping my mind active with positive information to keep it healthy and growing."

Financially: "I am very grateful that early in my life I learned that money is a tool to facilitate what I want out of life, providing opportunity and access. I know how to make money. I know how to save money. I know how to keep it. Money is a tool that I leverage to create my life, not control my life. I am an avid giver. I know that the more I give and sow into helping others, the more I get back in return."

As you can tell, Blanzy is very committed to her beliefs and is able to organize and address every aspect of her life. She considers her biggest achievements in life owning her time so she can be a full-time, stay-at-home mother; showing her children how to live life instead of survive it; helping them control their mindset; and being a true, positive role model and impact their lives where they have quality time. "Loving my kids fully is my biggest achievement in life," she says.

Blanzy fully expects WorldVentures to make a significant impact on her life and the lives of others around her. She says the company will continue to literally and progressively change her life. "It sounds odd to say such a thing about a business opportunity, but WorldVentures is far more than that," she says. "Our saying of 'fun, freedom and fulfillment' manifests in my life fully with this company. I've been on more trips and had more fun in my life than ever before. I have time, freedom and peace of mind because I know my success is based on my efforts. I work hard so that I can own my life. But where WorldVentures has had the most impact is in fulfillment. All I've ever wanted to do is matter in the world. I've been able to help families retire, cross off bucket-list trips and save up for a house. But most importantly, I like to instill belief in them. Watching others achieve their dreams because I get to lead them and pour into them is the most fulfilling thing in the world to me. WorldVentures isn't my business; it's my lifestyle of contribution to other people. And that makes me matter."

If that's not the sign of someone becoming a master in the art of living, then nothing is. "I can't tell you how blessed I am to be part of this company," she says. "Thank you, WorldVentures."


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