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Living The Core Values

Nelis van de Wateringen and Nicky Gebhardt

April 29, 2015

Nelis van de Wateringen and Nicky Gebhardt have been business partners for eight years. After years together, they know what skills they each bring to the table, and they know how to play to each other's strengths. It's no wonder the WorldVentures Core Value they most identify with is, "We Are One Big Team." Fostering a synergistic partnership has been at the heart of their success from the beginning.

Since starting a career in direct sales, this team has experienced their share of ups and downs. Early on, they worked with various start-up businesses, and had success building large teams, but never had anything to show for it. The companies they invested in would start off strong and then vanish two years later. Through it all, this duo never gave up on direct sales.

They learned from their failures and used them as an education to better understand the industry. They learned that timing is everything and you can't sell a product that doesn't inspire you. Planning their comeback, they were waiting to get in on the right opportunity at the right time. That's when Nelis and Nicky discovered WorldVentures.

In 2010, Nelis was in the hospital with gallbladder complications. He received a call from an old friend about an exciting new business opportunity coming to Europe. Nelis wanted to hear more, and a major health issue wasn't going to stand in his way. Nelis wasted no time. He left the hospital to find out about this new business. He discovered WorldVentures was a strong, stable company with a solid payment structure in place. WorldVentures had a proven track record and a business model that could operate on an international level. Nelis and Nicky knew that WorldVentures was the business venture they were waiting for, and they were ready to go all in. Two days later, Nelis was back in the hospital having his gallbladder removed, but he wouldn't have done it any other way. A year later, thanks to the hard work and dedication of their team, they reached Regional Marketing Director.

One Team, One Dream
WorldVentures is unlike any other business Nelis and Nicky have worked in. What fascinates them most about the company is the product itself—travel. They gained much of their early success selling nutritional supplements. WorldVentures offers the hope of financial freedom by selling a product that everyone wants. Not to mention, it's a product they don't have to store in their garage. Nelis loves how the product reinforces the WorldVentures core value of being one team. Nelis learned that "when people travel together, they stick together." The WorldVentures commitment to teamwork makes the biggest impact on Nelis and Nicky's success. Their excitement for the product is contagious, and they share it with anyone who will listen. They believe in the company, the management and the team they've built. Their unbridled enthusiasm is what catches the attention of new recruits and helps them retain Reps.

Nelis believes that new recruits need to live the One Team core belief if they want to succeed. Nelis and Nicky take advantage of the resources provided by WorldVentures. They show prospects live and recorded presentations and then follow up with a telephone call or by meeting in person. Their pride in the company and the product shows. "This is the best job you'll ever have, and anyone can do it," Nelis says. Nelis makes sure he listens to the concerns of new prospects and answers all their questions. From the onset, Nelis and Nicky want to set an example by creating a support network. They emphasize a simple system of attending events, planning and working with sponsors.

To keep Reps motivated, Nelis and Nicky build a foundation on strategic planning and positivity. They stay focused and connect with their WorldVentures family by attending company-sponsored events. They set weekly goals and decide how many hours in the week they will devote to their full-time WorldVentures business. "If you want to be successful, you need to have fun and never give up." After years in relationship marketing, this team understands that you have to "get a few nos to get to every yes" and your life can change in a heartbeat. Nelis reminds his team "in direct marketing every day is a new day. Forget yesterday!" Nelis and Nicky stay in touch with their team and make sure they are available any time their team needs them.

This team isn't just planning their days; they're planning for success. Their 10-year plan includes reaching International Marketing Director, and they expect their team to reach IMD right along with them. Everything Nelis and Nicky do comes back to a value system rooted in teamwork.

WorldVentures is providing a fulfilling life for Nelis and Nicky, and it's created a better life for their families. The support of their families keeps this team always looking ahead. But it's the intangible benefits that WorldVentures provides that Nelis and Nicky want to pass on. It's not about money; "it's love, happiness, great memories and laughs." For this team, "living rich" means "having a healthy family, a wonderful home, a debt-free life and time to travel around the world." Nelis and Nicky are having more fun than they've ever had in their career, and they are going further than they thought possible—and they are doing it as a team.

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