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2013: Commit to Resolution

Wayne Nugent
October 15, 2013

Committing to resolution is only the first step as there will always be challenges. Do not look at a problem as an insurmountable force, but as a challenge in need of an answer.

“What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?” was the question asked once all of the gift-exchanging was done and Santa had retreated back to the North Pole for another year. Whether you watched the historic ball drop in Times Square, took in fireworks on a beach far from home or enjoyed a quiet evening with a glass of bubbly, New Year’s was ushered in with excitement around the world in anticipation of what’s to come.

For many of us, this time of year is when we reflect and embark on some level of self-discovery. We take inventory of our accomplishments and successes, we note the times we may have fallen short and we resolve to do better. These assessments are essential for growth, both personally and professionally, as they help charter our paths into the new year.

WorldVentures™ had a banner year in 2012. We launched exciting new programs like Wings & Wheels; opened in our 22nd country; celebrated as Rovia™ was awarded the World’s Leading Travel Booking Website by the World Travel Awards; and watched as the Manifest Foundation completed its 21st bottle school in Guatemala, with three more currently in progress, and several more in the planning stages for 2013. All of these accomplishments were made possible through countless hours of hard work, commitment and a belief in WorldVentures’ values, and we are extremely proud of all that 2012 brought us.

But, like you, we know there is always room for improvement. Whether it’s increasing your level of motivation and commitment, slimming down, or spending more time with your family, we all seek ways to improve our lives and, in turn, the value we place in ourselves and our loved ones. We do this by not only celebrating when the good times roll, but also by preparing ourselves mentally for any obstacles that may come our way.

One of our Core Values is Commit to Resolution. It speaks to not looking at a problem as an insurmountable force, but just as a challenge in need of an answer.

As you go through life seeking success and happiness, you are guaranteed to encounter problems and obstacles. These can be a source of stress in your life or opportunities to grow. It depends on how you choose to view them. If you see them as a test and opportunity to practice and strengthen your core values, you will frame them in a way that helps you become an exceptional person worthy of respect from others, but more importantly, from yourself. The ability to "choose your attitude" and "respond appropriately" to negative or challenging situations is one of the most powerful muscles leaders learn to exercise.

The primary question again and again will be: "Respond" or "React," which should I do? One is with your whole-being, soberly in control (mind, body and spirit), and the other is a knee-jerk reaction lacking full awareness, which usually leads to guilt, shame or stress, not to mention damaged relationships that puts your forward march towards success in life on hold or in slow mode. Success in life is determined by your ability to have success dealing with people. The quality of your life is determined by your quality of your communication. Will you choose to appropriately "Respond" to the situation or person presenting the challenge or will you default to "React" like many others we see on television or movie dramas? You control your emotions or they control you. To succeed in the people business of life, we should all learn how to be leaders who create the "environment for resolution." Seek first to understand, then to be understood. This is one of the most profound teachings from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, which is a personal favorite read of mine. Another favorite where I find continuous inspiration and highly recommend you read cover to cover is As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.

Remember - there is always a resolution. And committing to resolution is only the first step. You must be committed to taking the values-based "high road" in every situation. In doing so, you will build a reputation of respect, earn the trust of others, and be a leader for others to emulate.

The world is a classroom and this life is a test. How will I choose to conduct myself while I'm here? Will it be according to timeless God-given principles or by those I copy from others who aren't fully aware of how their reactions affect their lives, much less those of others? It's our goal to maintain a culture of fun, friendly, caring, adventurous, optimistic and generous group of traveling achievers who understand the wonderful dynamic of creating something big for each other, and know how to play in a healthy way as we go along. If we continue to do this, I can't imagine doing anything more rewarding in life.

In 2013, let's continue to bring out the best in each other and we will surely build a company we can all be proud of, and be a blessing to others. Just as we’ve always done, we’re ready to don our hard hats and thinking caps to work with you, motivate you and when the time comes, lift our glasses to toast your success.

With gratitude for you and excitement about our future,
Wayne Nugent