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A View from the Edge Changes Everything

Dan Stammen
October 15, 2013

Marc Accetta shares his thoughts on this year’s A View from the Edge events, taking place in the United States, Italy and Thailand. Read more.

Few words can capture the experience of watching Marc Accetta during A View from the Edge. Imagine the most captivating film you’ve ever watched, the most impassioned and thought-provoking speaker you’ve ever heard and being surrounded by pulse-pounding energy electrifying the air around you—and you’ll get the idea.

Here, Marc shares his thoughts on this year’s A View from the Edge events, taking place in the United States, Italy and Thailand.


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I love fall for many reasons. I love watching the leaves change colors, the smell of warm apple pie and of course, the cooler weather. But most of all, I love that fall means it’s time for our annual A View from the Edge events!

The View takes place over a single exciting weekend, but it takes almost a full year of planning to put on a production of this size! This year, we had bigger budgets and more extensive planning than we ever had before. If you’ve never attended the View, (where have you been, by the way?) be prepared for our own special blend of lights, camera, action–and lessons–that we’ve coined “edutainment.” If you’re a View veteran, it’ll be like seeing everything for the first time, because we’ve taken this year’s events to an entirely new level.;

Throughout the year, I constantly work on adding compelling characters to the roster of more than 60 you’ve already met at previous View events. This year, you’ll be introduced to 7 new personalities, with many of your revered favorites returning to the spotlight. Regardless of what character takes the stage, my ultimate goal is to seek out innovative ways to share the most critical lessons that people need to learn to be successful in their business and in their lives!

I know that many people in our company, and all over the world for that matter, are living their lives far short of their true potential. Many–maybe even you–have lapsed into a rut. Somewhere along the way, their light switches turned off. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t see in the dark.

My goal at the View is to turn those switches back on! I want you to live your life at 100 percent of what you’re capable of living. Our promotional video has a rather intense sequence of me portraying a fired-up hockey player urging the audience to step up, engage and fully participate at the event. And I tell them, "this is not just a seminar, this is your life!" That pretty much says it all.

“Life will never be the same” is not just a tagline for the View. It was conceived with a great deal of thought.  It’s what the View is all about—altering the perspective you have of your life and empowering you to live it renewed. WorldVentures is destined for greatness, so let us help turn your switch back on. It’s time for you to experience more in your business and in your life!

See you at the View.


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