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Be More Productive by Managing Your Time

September 11, 2014

Learn how time management is a priority at WorldVentures because of its effective way for driving success in the direct selling industry.

Be more productive by Managing your time

Working in direct sales has its perks. If you are a Representative for a company like WorldVentures, for instance, the leading international direct-seller of vacation club memberships, you can work from anywhere in the world, and set your own hours, which allows you time to pursue activities and experiences essential for living a healthy, rich, productive and balanced life. However, the distractions of emails, phone calls, instant messaging and meetings can be overwhelming and limit the ability to generate income. It’s time to plan and prioritize. Set achievable goals and then … achieve them.

“Your work day should be devoted to monetizing your business or improving your productivity in your job to reach the goals you set for yourself or others set for you, to build your skills and help your company grow and move forward,” Harvard Business School Executive Coach Kathryn McKinnon explains.

The following six steps will help you streamline your day.*

List your short- and long-term goals. Decide which tasks to accomplish today, this week and this month.

Planning is essential. McKinnon recommends blocking out time on a calendar for all priority tasks, goals and activities for the week. Also include the estimated time it will take to complete these tasks.

Be picky about how you will spend your time. McKinnon suggests distinguishing between “what’s urgent and important, not urgent and important, urgent and not important, not urgent and not important.”

Review your progress. By the end of the week, review how you actually spent your time. Focus on how to improve and streamline your process.

Celebrate success. Take a moment and enjoy your progress and how you’re on the path to increasing productivity.

Repeat the process that works for you. Repetition will help you fall into a “Time Management System” or habit.

* According to Too many Priorities? 6 steps to get the right work done written by Kathryn McKinnon. McKinnon is a Harvard Business School executive coach, time management expert and CEO of McKinnon & Company.