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Be Yourself: Living Up To What You’ve Learned Along the Way

October 21, 2015

Be true to yourself and grow integrity at WorldVentures. Personal experiences shape who we are so make sure you surround yourself with good influencers.

At WorldVentures™, we place a high priority on our 10 Core Values. We look for people who are inquisitive about our company on every level to discover quickly what it is we stand for and how we treat each other and the world around us.
Core values are acquired from an eclectic group of sources.

As a child you were influenced by parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters. In your preteen and teen years, your peers at school or on the soccer field and the basketball court shaped your views. As you entered college and the workforce, you were met with fresh faces and expanded your circle of influence to include those who grew up in different communities, cultures and religions.
You may find you have taken a hodge-podge of what you were taught, the people you kept company with, and your own deeply held beliefs and compiled them into a unique collection of principles that fundamentally comprise the person you have become.
Because your values are shaped by your experiences and the people you surround ourselves with, it’s important to be selective about what inspires you on a personal level. At WorldVentures, we want to be a positive inspiration in your life while motivating you to turn around and encourage others in the same way. We want you to feel empowered to be true to yourself, while working each day to grow in integrity as an individual and within our company.
Whether you have spent your life investing your principles into running a family, running a business or running a marathon, you are able to offer the world something no one else can: Your talent and mindset, which derive from your distinctive set of core values. A major part of working together as One Big Team involves allowing yourself the freedom to expand your world view past your comfort zone, while not betraying who you are and the values you truly strive to embody.