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Because I’m Happy. Positivity Leads to a Longer, Healthier, Cheerier You.

October 3, 2014

The key to direct selling is positivity. At WorldVentures, you can believe that our top reps are living and breathing positivity to earn the admiration of their peers.

A positive mindset is behind every great success story, but in perhaps no other industry is it more key than direct selling, and in no other direct-selling company are success stories as relevant and tied to happiness as they are with WorldVentures. The good news is that absolutely anyone regardless of age, economics, or education can start a direct selling business. And anyone can succeed. Everyone starts at the same place when the race begins―but the finish line? Now, that’s up to you.

It’s hard to imagine another industry where your actions are more vital to your outcomes. Want a promotion? Make a few extra calls, hold another travel party, adopt that “and then some” mentality. There’s something inherently optimistic about an open-ended opportunity like becoming an independent WorldVentures Representative. You simply won’t find an International Marketing Director who drags herself to company events or who “just isn’t feeling it” today. And you can bet that a new Representative who’s climbing the ranks quickly and earning the admiration of others is living and breathing positivity.

This isn’t to imply that staying upbeat is easy. Keeping focused on your goal can be downright difficult when you’re squinting to see all of the miles in front of you. That’s why, if you talk to any successful WorldVentures Representative, he’ll tell you that dividing a long-term objective into smaller, more manageable milestones is vital. Think about what happens to your outlook when you’re hitting targets weekly or even daily, versus monthly or quarterly. 

You’ve also got to cut yourself some slack when you don’t hit the occasional benchmarks―and that’s where unshakeable belief comes in. It takes practice to learn to compartmentalize your mistakes, put them on the shelf and return to work, grateful for what you learned in the process. Positive self-talk, a quick chat with your upline Director or simply a good night’s sleep can help reframe the situation. 

Of course, a positive mindset leads to better health. When you’re living the dream and looking the part, your energy is contagious. An optimistic outlook is an expression of confidence, which in turn attracts others to you. So while you might begin your success story alone, you’ll certainly be in good company at the finish. 

You’re the author of your own story, and whether you recognize it or not, you’re inspiring countless others on the path behind you. In the meantime, enjoy the WorldVentures journey―it’s filled with so many rich rewards.