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Changing Lives

Building a Team to Be Proud Of

June 27, 2016

As you build your team at WorldVentures, remember quality over quantity so you can be proud of them. Get started today.

At WorldVentures™, we’ve built a reputation in the direct selling industry by following our 10 Core Values. It’s the foundation for the good work we do and the motivation we need to be even better. It’s our hope you will use them as guiding principles when you’re out in the world, sharing our company’s vision with new customers and team members. Here are a few tips to keep you on the right track as you build your business, especially as you build your team.


Surround yourself with like-minded individuals you can depend upon to hold you accountable for your actions. As a WorldVentures Representative, it is key for you to build a team who sets high moral standards for themselves and strives to surpass them. Peer pressure can be a positive force if you choose the right peers.


“Honor, embody and expand trust.” It’s one our most important 10 Core Values, and it encompasses so much.  You should promote honesty within your team, just as we promote honesty and transparency within the company. In direct sales, it is crucial to emphasize transparency between yourself, your team members and potential customers.

A New Bottom Line

We love having so many excited, enthusiastic Reps in the WorldVentures family! However, it’s important to avoid growing your team just for the sake of growing it. Quality of quantity, as they say. If your end goal is to build a massive team, make sure you’re inviting the kind of people that are willing to uphold our core values and are ready to conduct themselves with integrity.