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Building Trust through Social Media Engagement

July 31, 2014

Build trust in direct selling through social media engagement and acquire new recruits with relationships.

The foundation for every solid relationship is establishing trust. Living in a fast-paced world, it can be a challenge to put in the appropriate TLC for every one – that’s why social media is such a great wingman (or wingwoman) when it comes to building trust in business.

An integral part of cultivating relationships is understanding and identifying with your prospects. But who has time with the massive amount of responsibilities life throws your way? Fortunately, social media is a great tool to engage in conversation and build an understanding that leads to trust.

For social media skeptics and nonbelievers, consider this: More than 35 million tweets went out during the Germany 7-1 thrashing over Brazil during the World Cup, making it the most talked-about single sports game in Twitter history. Another record was set with an incredible 580,166 tweets per minute. 

Using an event like the World Cup is a good way to draw in your audience and take part in a conversation that is relevant to your prospects. 

What Social Media Profiles Should You Use?

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are essential platforms for building trust. But first, figure out which digital media platform your prospects use. Socialmention.com, for instance, is a real-time social media and analysis resource. Type in any keyword, such as “direct sales,” and see which platform is getting the most play.

Once connected to the appropriate platform, don’t misuse or abuse social media. Remember―quality over quantity. It won’t matter how many prospects you ask to friend you on social media if you can’t build a connection. Implementing simple efforts such as reading profiles and sharing or liking conversations is a quick, yet effective way to gain trust. 


Finally, engage your audience in conversation. Opportunities for intimate discussions, such as sending direct messages, are critical to continue building a relationship. Announcements are a great jumping-off point for conversation starters. You can also reference trends and/or hashtags to create dialogues. 

Furthermore, Reps should post valuable content consistently to increase in visibility, making you the trustworthy, go-to source. 

Bottom line: Digital media has become a quick way to research an industry, create an effective persona, build trust with prospects and, ultimately, lead to sales.


Source: Twitter Data ,  Socialmention.com