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Business Tips for Introverts

March 16, 2015

Don’t let your introverted personality get in the way of following your dreams. Become a rep at WorldVentures.

It’s not easy getting a leg up in the business world if you’re an introvert. Maybe your personality isn’t flashy enough to draw attention, or maybe you struggle to voice your opinions or pitch ideas. Whatever limits your ability to shine, there is a way to get around it. Your low-key attitude shouldn’t prevent you from being successful and having memorable experiences as a direct sales rep. WorldVentures provides a platform for all personality types to excel, introverts included. What can you do to get ahead without straying too far from your comfort zone?


Keep It Casual 


If it’s appropriate, don’t be afraid to keep it casual. Not every prospect meeting has to take place during a power lunch, so get creative when it comes to appointments. What feels like home turf, someplace where you can interact without anxiety? Coffee shops are popular choices since the natural bustle fills any potentially uncomfortable silences, and talking over a cup of coffee feels more like a meeting between friends than business associates. 


Show Up Over-Prepared 


Before any meeting, give yourself plenty of time to get your ideas in order rather than flying by the seat of your pants.  If your best ideas come to you in the shower, take an extra long one the night before to anticipate questions and come up with stellar answers.  Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D., founder of AboutYOU.Inc, specializes in leadership consultancy and believes strongly in game plans: 


“Just as you strategize for key projects and tasks, you need to plan ahead for connecting with people—and to take regular breaks to refuel your energy.” 


Follow Up Early and Often 


After meeting with a prospect, follow up as soon as possible. You’ve established a relationship, now it’s up to you to foster it. Many introverts prefer email to phone calls, but your first follow up should reiterate how much you believe in your pitch. A real conversation, however brief, will serve you best here. After that, the convenience of email can bridge the gap. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to deal with being an introvert in a fast-paced business world other than playing to your strengths. Your demeanor may be reserved, but you have as much potential for success as anyone else.