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Champion Full Potential

May 9, 2013

When you champion your full potential, you discover that your story of achievement motivates others and you make it your mission to help others achieve their dreams and goals.

How has your plan been working out for you? You know―the plan. The plan laced with fantasy as children, slightly focused on in high school, and the ones we built our majors around in college. The one you wrote down in your high school yearbook, moved to that new city for and maybe once or twice when things weren’t exactly as you thought they should be, shed a few tears over.

The plan on what you wanted to be when you grew up.

The great—and  sometimes not so great—part about having a plan is that it may not always pan out exactly how you envisioned. For a myriad of reasons, we exercise our free will and deviate from what we thought we wanted, and in the process, may discover exactly what we needed instead.

When plans change, we often have two choices to make: Roll with it or let it roll over us. For some, a change of plans can cause them to tailspin, setting them adrift, going wherever the waves may take them.  But for others, change shows them that they are adaptable, strong and open to the possibilities that await them.  They don’t worry about the rain that is falling―they anticipate the rainbow that is coming.

One of WorldVentures’ Core Values is “Champion Full Potential.”  For many of our Reps, I think they can honestly attest that their original plans did not include WorldVentures. Maybe their plan was college. Maybe it was securing the corner office by the time they were 30. Perhaps it went no further than high school graduation. Perhaps it was aspiring to take at least one family vacation sometime. Or maybe it was working however many hours their bodies could tolerate, in hopes that their children could receive a top-notch education or they could one day build their dream home. Either way, most probably did not see WorldVentures as a part of their plan.

Whatever plan change led Reps to our company, they astound us daily. Some who admitted to having had a hard time with focus and finding motivation, now lead teams of hundreds or maybe even thousands of Reps. Others who had difficulty speaking to small gatherings of people, now command the stage with charismatic and enthralling words of wisdom and motivation. Still more have dug deep inside themselves, finding strength that helps them weather challenges with their business, while still being able to keep a focus on their “why” and not letting anyone or anything stop them.

This is the essence of “Champion Full Potential.” WorldVentures has become the vehicle of change for our Reps and they are here and showing up and showing out. Discovering one’s full potential does not happen overnight, nor does it come when situations are comfortable, safe or predictable. Championing full potential means learning more about yourself through trials and challenges. It means charging yourself daily to learn more and never stop learning more. When you champion your full potential, you discover that your story of achievement motivates others and you make it your mission to help others achieve their dreams and goals.

During our recent UNITED! event, every attendee embodied what “Champion Full Potential” means. No matter the age, nationality, income or personal goal, every attendee, just by their presence alone, demonstrated the ability to look inside themselves, stay the course, work hard, reap the benefits and help others find their way. The found the lesson in every experience they’ve gone through and when their original plan presented an obstacle, they found a different path to WorldVentures and began blazing their own trails. They did not drift idly as waters carried them away―they spotted a new life on the horizon and swam towards it.