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Cold Market Strategies for the Direct Seller: How to turn “no” into “yes”

June 26, 2015

Cold market strategies are a crucial part in direct sales with WorldVentures. Learn more on how to turn “no” into “yes”.

If every encounter you had as a WorldVentures™ Rep was with people who were wildly interested in the product and couldn’t wait to sign up, your life would be way too easy.

Fact is, lots of times you’re going to run into a “cold market,” where it seems like nobody is willing to listen to you.

So what to do when you run into a market colder than Alaska in January?  Here are some approaches to consider: 

First, imagine yourself in their shoes, and try to build a relationship that way. Direct sales is all about building a rapport with someone you don’t know well, so try to envision what they’d want to hear, and what questions they’d ask, if they had the chance.

Second, always take time to get to know something about your potential new customer on a personal level. Pay attention to everything they’re saying, and ask open-ended questions that will draw them out and reveal something about themselves. Then you can pick up on one or two nuggets from the conversation and use that to help you.

Third, think outside the box. Don’t just rely on direct person-to-person meetings and phone calls; in 2015, there are dozens of ways to reach out to people who don’t know you. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, plain ole’ email … there’s no excuse for not being able to find someone, or lots of someones, on the Internet. Find what communication tool is best suited to the person you are recruiting.

There are, of course, other strategies that may work better for you. But no matter what methods you use to find success, what’s the most important thing to remember? “No” isn’t a final answer. It just means you haven’t found the key to unlocking “yes” yet.