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Countdown: WorldVentures' 2013 Most-Read Blogs

January 7, 2014

You’ve liked, shared and commented on our blog postings and we know you have your favorites. Without further ado, let's count down WorldVentures' 10 most-read blogs of 2013.

Whether it’s a list of the best movies or worse new clothing trends, part of the fun of going into the New Year counting down the “Top Ten” lists from the previous year. So, we’ve decided to get in on the action too!

You’ve liked, shared and commented on our blog postings and we know you have your favorites. So, without further ado, let's count down WorldVentures' 10 most-read blogs of 2013.

10. A Full Circle Journey  

Marc Accetta full journey worldventures

Journey is one of our most personal, intimate and introspective training events. International Director of Training Marc Accetta revealed how his personal story inspired WorldVentures’ Journey training and shared why it can change every aspect of your life.

9. Welcome to the WorldVentures Foundation  

Gwyneth Lloyd's message voluntours

Last year, the Manifest Foundation officially became the WorldVentures Foundation, reflecting the “above and beyond” call to service our Reps have repeatedly answered all over the world. Read WorldVentures Foundation Executive Director Gwyneth Lloyd’s personal message regarding this positive change.

8. WorldVentures Trust  

Mike Azcue WorldVentures Trust

The WorldVentures Trust Council was conceived and formed with the idea of WorldVentures becoming the most trusted direct-selling brand in the industry.

In a short video, CEO Mike Azcue shares his candid thoughts on how WorldVentures is continuing to improve communications, become more transparent and maintain Core Value Number 3: Honor, Embody and Expand Trust. 

7. It’s Unofficially WorldVentures Month!  

unofficial worldventures and dreamtrips month

We (unofficially of course) declared November as National WorldVentures/DreamTrips Month!

Take another look at this post and see how we celebrated and give us your feedback how we can make this year’s observance even bigger. 

6. Tips and Strategies for the Direct-Selling Novice  

Hundreds of thousands have found their niche in the direct-selling industry. Having a plan is one of the keys to success. That’s why we’ve compiled a few helpful tips that will not only help any newcomer find their path to achievement, but will also help veterans stay on it.

5. Learning for a Lifetime  

direct selling worldventures

We constantly strive to present our Reps with learning and training opportunities that not only enrich their business lives but that can also bring progressive change to their personal lives. Take another look at the details of some of our key training opportunities and be sure to make plans to attend each this year.

4. The Direct-Selling Opportunity: Make Your Choice  

 direct selling make your choice

Embarking on a career in direct sales can be extremely rewarding and provide you with more time, income and flexibility. However, as with many things in life, it all comes down to making the best choice for you and your family.

Take note of the tips we’ve shared on how to choose the best opportunity for your new adventure in direct-selling. And once you’ve weighed your options, be sure to check out Tips and Strategies for the Direct-Selling Novice!

3. DreamTrips Wins Big at World Travel Awards  

 Dreamtrips World Travel Awards

We’ve got the goods and now the world knows!

Our Reps can proudly stand by our DreamTrips Vacation Club, whose offerings led DreamTrips to the coveted award of “World’s Leading Travel Club” at the 2013 World Travel Awards Grand Final. Take a look and see why we know that even if we hadn’t walked away with the trophy, we’re still winners with our members.

2. Five Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read  

 Five books for entrepreneurs

We don’t have an official WorldVentures Book Club, but if we did, these selections would definitely be at the top of our list!

Works from development expert Stephen R. Covey, British philosopher James Allen and other inspirational and empowering authors made the cut, so be sure to add these books to your collection.

1. DreamTrips Head to Disney Theme Parks  

 Dreamtrips and Disney

DreamTrips Members from  1 to 100, can now make life-long memories with Mickey, Minnie  and a cast of other magical characters at Disney theme parks at either Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

Reps and DreamTrips Members alike were beyond thrilled with this announcement and rightfully so; each trip included tickets to Disney theme parks!

We hope we’ve inspired, educated and entertained you with our blog postings this past year and look forward to raising the bar in 2014! Until then, from all of us at WorldVentures, we wish you happiness and prosperity in this new year.